Ladies Boots Wish List

Now that the awful weather is here the only way to cheer up is to buy new boots, right?

If you're anything like me you lust after all styles in all colours, and wish you had the same budget as Jennifer Anniston or Katy Perry.

Alas we don't and we have to put together wish lists in the hope that the Hubby or partner sees it and takes the hint.

Yes, I'm talking to you Hubby! 


From flats to high heeled, ankle to over-the-knee, there's a boot for all occasions. I love boots, they keep my feet warm and can look really stylish. I already own loads of pairs and have a tough time choosing which to wear on most days, but you can never have enough!

Casually browsing the internet (as you do) I found a few pairs of boots I'm lusting after this season.

Ladies Boots Wish List | Morgan's Milieu: Tan boots, from Office, for £98.

To start with there's these Eliza Slouch Knee Boots, £98 from Office. I love the brown, and the fact that they're flat means that I could wear them anywhere. The Hubby and I like walking (sometimes) and having a great boot to keep me looking stylish while not breaking my neck would be great. 

Ladies Boots Wish List | Morgan's Milieu: Buckle boots, from Office for £85 (on sale), hurry - these will go fast!

Staying with brown for the moment I also love the Nifty Buckle Knee Boots, on sale for £85 also from Office. The buckle gives them that extra 'something' and I think they'll be easy to pair with a great outfit. Not quite flat, a 3cm heel, and a zip fastener means these boots will be comfortable and easy to wear.

Ladies Boots Wish List | Morgan's Milieu: Analise boots, £165 from Kurt Geiger, Ugg boots to lust over.

A few years ago the Hubby bought me some wonderful flat Ugg Boots (see, he can take a hint) that I still love. I wear them constantly when the weather turns. Ugg Boots are great and I found these Analise boots which look fabulous, don't you think? They're £165 and a dark brown colour, from Kurt Geiger. With a heel height of 8cm they might not be great for walking far but they'll certainly keep me stylish this season!

Ladies Boots Wish List | Morgan's Milieu: Jones Bootmaker boots, for £130, an easy choice.

I seem to have a thing for brown boots this season because I love these Hush Puppies Gussie Moorland Knee High Boots available for £130 from Jones Bootmaker. Jones is great, there's a huge selection of Ladies Boots to choose from. A 6cm heel on these boots means I could (maybe) walk in them without breaking my neck, a zip fastener makes them easy to pull on and off, and the tie thing across the front looks great.

Ladies Boots Wish List | Morgan's Milieu: Irregular Choice boots, £175, a little pricey but they're so great!

I love Irregular Choice shoes (not that I own any), they're stylish and just a little bit 'out there'. I'm not sure I have the confidence to wear some of their wilder shoes but I do love the Longer Lashes boots. I love the slouchy look of them and again they have those fabulous buckles. At £175 they're a little more pricey than the other boots so far, but aren't they stylish?!

Ladies Boots Wish List | Morgan's Milieu: Christian Louboutin Napaleona boots, they're very price but a girl can dream right?
Now every shoe/boot lover knows that a wish list would not be complete without Louboutins. This is truly a wish because I don't ever expect to actually own a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes or boots. I absolutely LOVE these Napaleona Calf Sport, I mean... just LOOK AT THEM!!! They're fabulous. Spiky bits, a chain around the back, a grippy heel - heaven. Did I mention they're Christian Louboutins? Oh my how I would squeal if I got these for Christmas! But at £1,045 (yes I did just type that right) I can only dream. Seeing as we're dreaming though, how about that bag too. It would be a match made in heaven. Me, the boots, and the bag...

*daydreams of walking on a red carpet sporting the boots, and bag, looking rather stylish. Shakes head. Is back to reality, almost.*


Now that I'm back to reality I'm off to write that Christmas list to Santa. It's okay if it's all boots right?

What would you ask Santa for if there was no budget?


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