Capture Those Special Moments

Over the weekend I cleared out a large cabinet we have in our lounge, I pulled out all the wrapping paper we have in stock, I pulled out all of our photo albums.

LP in 2011, 2 years old.

As I sat there, surrounded by photo albums, art supplies, and wrapping paper, I couldn't help looking through those photo albums. We never get them out anymore and look through those special moments that we captured so long ago. 

These days it is so easy to snap a quick photo, I do it so much that LP has started asking me to take photos of him 'doing his work' when he's colouring in. I have hundreds (literally) of photos on my phone and I flip through them occasionally, smiling at the blurry ones.

LP being a monster by throwing cards around!
We have at least twenty photo albums, mostly filled with photos of BP when he was a baby and him growing up. One photo I truly love is one of BP on holiday, it was our first trip to Tenerife and the Hubby and I had popped into the bedroom to put something away. BP wasn't walking yet, or so we thought. 

As me and the Hubby were putting things away BP came to the bedroom door and got our attention. We spun around to see him standing by the door with his arms in the air as if to say "SEE, I can do it too!" The Hubby snapped a quick photo and BP's first steps were captured. Magic.

We were lucky that we had the camera handy at that moment, we never did capture LP's first steps on camera and that makes me a little sad.

Still looking through our photo albums I came across two albums filled with photos from our wedding. I'd bought disposable cameras and put them on the tables for everyone to snap photos on the day. I loved the idea of allowing people we loved to capture those special moments for us. As I sat and looked through the photos, spying the children who are now in their late teens or early twenties, I couldn't help but smile. It was a wonderful day and I can see that everyone had a lovely day, that made me happy. 

The time a fox ventured into our garden - I HAD to snap that!

Another reason I loved these photos so much was that they captured people who have left us. The Hubby's uncle, who passed away a while back, was at our wedding and we have a few photos of him looking healthy and happy.

It's those photos that end up meaning the most. 

The photos of someone who has left us take us back to a moment when they were still here, smiling. They allow us to see a person we may not have seen for a long time. 

Whether it's a sneaky pic while they're laughing at a joke, a posed photograph at a wedding, or a selfie, be sure to capture those special moments.

The Hubby pulled the kids up that hill all morning so they could have fun in the snow.

A photo can brighten your darkest day, triggering memories of happier times.

A photo is a snapshot of  your history, something to be treasured.

Take as many as you can!

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