Royal Air Force Museum London

My dad used to love going to aircraft museums, I distinctly remember seeing old photos of my dad standing next to old RAF planes. I couldn't tell you what kind of planes they were, but I'm sure my dad could.

I presume that the photos were taken somewhere like the Royal Air Force Museum in London.

I have never taken the boys to the Royal Air Force Museum but I wonder if it ought to be on my list. Throughout the school holidays they have various activities and with free admission the boys would get to seem some planes that were used in the First World War.

They have just opened their First World War in the Air Exhibition to the public where you can learn about the Service men and women. You'll get to see artefacts from back then including medals, letters, and uniforms.

Royal Air Force Museum, London | Morgan's Milieu: Inside the new exhibition at the Royal Air Force Museum.

With BP having just started High School sooner or later he'll be learning about the World Wars and I think he'd probably learn a lot by visiting the Royal Air Force Museum. LP on the other hand would be in awe of it all, he'd take in a lot of information and I'm sure he'd be relaying it to me for weeks.

Although the museum is far away I think I'll be scheduling it in for a day trip during school holidays. Perhaps we could even book a weekend away, using one of our days to visit the Royal Air Force Museum. 

If you live closer, or have a spare day and don't mind the travel, I'd suggest heading there this half term. They have a great sounding First World War Airfix Make and Take workshop going on until 30th October. 

The workshops run 11am to 1pm and 2pm to 4pm and it'll cost £3 per Airfix kit. These workshops are recommended for children aged 7+.

Royal Air Force Museum, London | Morgan's Milieu: Aircraft, medals and uniforms are just some of the things to see at the Royal Air Force Museum.

With so much to do and see you could spend an entire day at the museum. It's on our list now and I'm sure my dad would be happy to see a photo of the boys standing next to those planes he loved so much.

And with free admission everyone's a winner!