How I Prepare The Family For Our Adventures

Being a mother of two boys, I’m slightly outnumbered in the home three to one! But that doesn’t stop me from being the head of the household! 

Sometimes I feel like if I didn’t take care of things there’d be chaos. Take family outings, for example. Now, as a family we all love to go out and about and have little adventures of our own. I feel that days out together are an important part of strengthening the family bond.

But sometimes preparing for them can be a nightmare! So, having learnt from my mistakes, I’m now a seasoned pro. And I’m going to let you in on my secrets. Here are the ways in which I like to prepare the family for our adventures.

Make Sure Everyone’s Up!

This one is actually much trickier than it sounds, go figure right?! All three boys in my house are heavy sleepers. So trying to raise them all in the morning can be a bit of a nightmare. But, when planning on going somewhere it’s important that everyone is up in plenty of time. This way we avoid chaos and a rush to get to places. They can always nap in the car if they really have to!

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A Hearty Breakfast

The best way to start the day is with a hearty breakfast. It’s always said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I don’t know how true this is, but when going on a family adventure it’s essential to start with a big breakfast. Make sure everyone eats as much as they can, that way you won’t have to stop for lunch! I like to make a cooked breakfast, so everyone has plenty of protein to get them through the day!

Use Satnav or GPS

When looking at days out for the family I like to plot the route using the phone or Satnav. We love technology, and find that it makes our lives, and journeys, so much easier. Of course, if you’re a little more old-fashioned you might think about using a map. But for me, there’s nothing better than using a Satnav. It saves time having to figure out a route, and keeps up to date with weather and traffic variables.

Charge all the Essentials

We all know how much technology has taken over the world these days. As a family who love technology, we obviously have a lot of devices to charge. There are phones, cameras and iPads just for starters. And we make sure we take these everywhere, even on our family adventures. Whether it's family activities in Nottingham or camping in the Cotswolds, technology is important. We need to have our phones, Satnav, and entertainment for the kids. And all these run on power nowadays. So I always make sure that everything is charged and powered up overnight, so it’s full of juice for the day ahead.

So, you can see just a few of the methods I like to employ to get the family ready for our adventures. It seems like these are little things, but they all matter. And if you can work on getting these right you will find that your family days out are much more satisfying and enjoyable.

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