Easy Halloween Costume Ideas for Boys

When it comes to Halloween costumes I tend to be a tad lazy, I either buy outfits from the supermarket or we don't bother. With that in mind I thought I'd give you some ideas for easy Halloween costumes for boys (I have no experience for girls, sorry).

I have a huge stash of old costumes from when BP was smaller and these have come in handy over the years. One of the snags I always come across though is that neither of my boys like to wear face-paint and are picky about the kinds of masks they'll wear.

To be honest sometimes I just don't feel like bothering but LP is enthusiastic about it this year and he'll be disappointed if I don't.

With 'ease' in mind I've come up with a few ideas that might help all mothers of boys like mine. 


You could buy an outfit from Tesco, Asda, or even an online costume retailer, they are usually reasonably priced.

If you can't bring yourself to buy a whole outfit then just get a cape and fangs. At home dress your child in black trousers and a white shirt, accessorise with a gold necklace (perhaps one of yours). You could add some pizzazz by using some dark eyeshadow under their eyes.


White sheet anyone?

Okay, realistically the white sheet thing doesn't really work but how about dressing your child in their regular clothes and using your make-up.

Dark eyeshadow under the eyes (again), some white powder on the face, and voila!

One modern-day ghost!


Most of my ideas run along the lines of dead people...

If you're anything like me you have loads of pirate outfits already and you can use them for halloween.

Again pull out that dark eyeshadow, a toy sword, and you're sorted.


Let's face it, most people find clowns scary.

Dress your child in their brightest clothes, and again using your handy make-up, get to work creating that clown face.

When your child doesn't like face-paint there's a fair bet they won't like the make-up either. However a light dusting shouldn't bother them too much (hopefully). I keep it to a minimum when I can.

Have a great Halloween everyone!

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