What's so Great About Florida Anyway? Part 2

In my last post about Florida I said there was lots more to talk about, so here I am again.

What's So Great About Florida Anyway P2 | Morgan's Milieu: Daytona Beach, on a sunny day

Daytona Beach

Daytona has to be my favourite beach in the world, okay so I haven't visited many but of the ones I have, it's my fave. Even when it's busy there's plenty of space for everyone and the sea is so welcoming.

I don't particularly like being in the sea, it makes my hair all big and my skin dry. Being in the water at Daytona is an experience in itself and makes up for the unpleasant bits. 

What's So Great About Florida Anyway P2 | Morgan's Milieu: LP and Hubby paddling in the sea at Daytona Beach
Even after lunch LP couldn't resist the sea.

As I stood, waist deep, in the sea I watched small fish swim around me. At one point we watched a school of fish swim with a wave that came in. They jumped out of the water as they headed inland, one fish jumped out of the water and hit the Hubby in the middle of his chest. It was an amazing thing to see. 

You can see Pelicans fly above the water searching for their food, fish swimming in the sea, and enjoy the crashing waves.

Not to mention Joe's Crab Shack on the Pier. That place has amazing crab and every time we visit Daytona we have to go to Joe's for lunch. 

What's So Great About Florida Anyway P2 | Morgan's Milieu: Don't miss Joe's Crab Shack on the Pier at Daytona Beach
Looking and feeling very satisfied after lunch at Joe's Crab Shack (in the background)

In six weeks we only managed to visit Daytona twice but in the future I'd like to visit more often. I love the place.

Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island is a barrier island on the coast of Manatee County, Florida. We took a day and travelled there and it was beautiful.

What's So Great About Florida Anyway P2 | Morgan's Milieu: Anna Maria Island, the second beautiful beach of our Florida holiday

We spent time on the beach, played in the sea, and had lunch. Being so close to the coast means you get the freshest sea food and it is yummy. I really enjoyed our lunch and after we'd eaten we went for a short walk.

We had other plans for later in the day so we didn't spend a lot of time on the Island. It seemed like a lovely place, and one we may visit again in the future.

Kennedy Space Center

Ever wanted to see a shuttle that has actually been into space? Then visit Kennedy Space Center and go to the Atlantis Visitor Center. 

What's So Great About Florida Anyway P2 | Morgan's Milieu: View the Atlantis Space shuttle at Kennedy Space Center

Atlantis, the space shuttle, is suspended in the air and it is awe inspiring to stand right next to it and realise real astronauts took it into space. The tiles on its underside make it look unreal, somehow fake, and the marks from its travels in and out of the atmosphere just add to that. It's definitely a surreal experience looking at it. 

What's So Great About Florida Anyway P2 | Morgan's Milieu: Atlantis space shuttle, amazing.
Atlantis truly is an awe-inspiring sight.

I spent some time trying to explain to LP that astronauts took Atlantis into space, he asked questions and inspected the shuttle. I don't think he quite got how amazing it was but I was pleased that he asked questions. LP found it more interesting to learn about engineers and how they design the shuttles, he has since decided that he wants to be an engineer.

We have never managed to see a shuttle launch at Kennedy Space Center, weather has always got in the way. Maybe one day...

What's So Great About Florida Anyway P2 | Morgan's Milieu: Spacesuit floating above us at the Kennedy Space Center
This guy was suspended from the ceiling, watching over us.

They also have two IMAX shows about the exploration of space which are both in 3D and quite interesting.

I do enjoy visiting Kennedy Space Center because it gives us, as well as the kids, a chance to learn about space and how to explore in such a dangerous environment. 

That's it for now, but next time I'll talk about the various parks including Universal and Busch Gardens.