Why You Should Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Being a stay-at-home mum can turn you into a recluse. You spend so long cleaning the house, tidying up toys, and taking care of your family that you forget there are other people 'out there'. The thought of having to interact with these people can make your stomach turn.

Why You Should Step Out of Your Comfort Zone | Morgan's Milieu: Black and white, moody photo of a loner.

That was me a few years ago.

I had two children and no friends to speak of. I had plenty of family support but friends? Not so much. 

The worst part was that I had no idea how to make friends. I'd forgotten what it was like to talk to people. I'd been living in my toddler filled bubble for far too long and didn't know how to interact with others.

When BP started school I kept to myself, dropped him off and picked him up from school without really speaking to anyone. He was very much like me, quiet and shy, so didn't like to spend much time with his peers. We were both comfortable with our situation and happy to continue in our hermit-like life.

Then LP started school and it was a different story, he has always been sociable. He had friends within hours of starting and suddenly I was thrown into a world of play-dates and after-school clubs. I had to talk to other parents, meet up with them, even go for a coffee!

Being forced to step out of my comfort zone did me the world of good. I made friends, found people I had things in common with and, more importantly, enjoyed myself. 

Lately I've noticed comparisons between being a stay-at-home mum and being a blogger. 

In December 2011 I started blogging, sharing only snippets of my life. I didn't write very often, or very well for that matter, but I'd started sharing. I lived my online life very much like my life as a stay-at-home mum; I kept to myself and didn't interact very much with others. 

Over the years I blogged more often, even started to chat to other bloggers (via a computer), and found that I enjoyed being a part of the community. However the thought of actually meeting these bloggers scared me to death. I didn't see myself as that kind of person, I couldn't go out there and talk to people. 

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to an event (info to come soon!), one that I really wanted to attend, but there was one problem...

Attending this event meant being around other bloggers, talking to them. 

I was terrified.

I decided to go, again stepping out of my comfort zone. 

The day before the event I almost backed out, my stomach was doing somersaults, but I'd already told LP that we'd be going to the event together and he was excited. I couldn't let him down.

I attended the event, met some amazing bloggers that I've admired for a while, and LP and I had a wonderful day. 

After these similar experiences I've learned that although I like my comfort zone it's nice to step out occasionally. Challenging myself to do new things is how I grow, how I become a better mum, a better wife, a better me.

Why You Should Step Out of Your Comfort Zone | Morgan's Milieu: Life begins with that first step!

Stepping out of your comfort zone is not easy.

The next step is meant to scare you, it's supposed to be a challenge.

I'm here to tell you you should take on the challenge.

Speak to the stranger.

Go to the event. 

You'll meet new people, make friends, and maybe start a new, exciting, journey. 

What's stopping you?

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