Dreaming of Retirement

On days when the kids have done nothing but bicker, my washing basket is over-flowing, and my to-do list seems never ending, I dream of retirement.

Dreaming of Retirement | Morgan's Milieu: Carpet filled with toys

I dream of a quiet, and tidy, house.
I dream of an empty washing basket.
I dream of sitting, with a hot cup of coffee, watching the world go by.

My boys drive me mad with their bickering, at 6 and 11 years old and being very different personalities they tend to disagree most days. They fight over TV programmes, they fight over video games, they even fight over seats on the sofa. It's all a part of growing up, I know because I remember fighting with my sister, but now I understand how annoying that was to my parents. I understand why my parents would often drift off into a world of their own because I do that now; daydream of a day when the bickering stops.

Dreaming of Retirement | Morgan's Milieu: Coffee, that is hot, is something I can only dream of!
Hot coffee anyone?
A tidy house is like a mirage, just when I think I see a tidy house it disappears. The floor gets filled with race cars, lego, and action figures. I hoover the carpet and within minutes there's biscuit crumbs all over the place, or worse a drink spillage. 

The washing basket (or should I say washing mountain?) is an ever-growing behemoth. Piles of clothes in bedrooms, in the kitchen, sometimes even in the bathroom, make their way into the utility room and my mountain grows another foot. 

I don't remember the last time I sat and did nothing but drink a hot cup of coffee. These days I'm either scrolling through various feeds on my phone, picking up toys from the carpet, or moving shoes and coats from the middle of the floor. 

To sit, with nothing to do or think about.

I wonder what that would be like.

I'm not the kind of person that would sit and do nothing all day but in a world where my days are filled with hundreds of little jobs the idea of just sitting is pretty appealing. 

Dreaming of a time when all those jobs are gone, or done, a time when my kids can take care of themselves, and money is no object, brings a smile to my face.

Dreaming of Retirement | Morgan's Milieu: Entrance to Daytona Beach, the Pier and Boardwalk

I've said before that I love being near the beach, and in particular Daytona Beach. Being near the sea, watching the waves crashing against the pale sand while the sun beams down, now that would be a dreamy retirement.

Florida is the perfect place to retire, in fact many people do choose to go there. For the people that enjoy staying active there's plenty to do, including Walt Disney World, and for those that like the quiet life there are beaches close by for those morning walks.

Dreaming of Retirement | Morgan's Milieu: Walking along the beach, Anna Maria Island

With a mixture of activity and peaceful walks along the beach I'd be in my element. 

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