You are Beautiful

When I was a teenager I felt ugly. I was super-skinny, tall (compared to friends), I had really thick and greasy hair, and glasses.

Morgan's Milieu | You are Beautiful: Photo of Morgan Prince.
Imagine mousy brown hair (three times as thick),
dark-rimmed round glasses and less wrinkles!

My friends were beautiful, other teenage girls were beautiful, but me - not so much. 

Having glasses only made me feel worse, I already hated how I looked but to add glasses to the mix when I turned 13 was devastating. I instantly became the "four-eyes" of the classroom and my self-esteem took another hit.

The teenage years are so hard on girls; growing boobs, periods, and not knowing how to deal with the hormones raging through your body. Add to that my parents' divorce and a dark secret, I was tormented.

I didn't have a caring mother showing me how to deal with the problems, I didn't have a friend who could understand. It was just me, all alone.

In my years on this earth I have heard some of the most hateful words from so-called friends. All about my appearance. They only reinforced what I thought about myself. 

But somewhere along the way I realised that I am beautiful.

I may not be supermodel-skinny, have radiant skin, or perfect vision, but I am beautiful. 

It's taken me a long time to realise that you don't have to look "perfect" to be beautiful. As with most things it was the children that made me see myself for who I really am.

We were looking through our wedding photo album, probably 6 or 7 years ago now. BP, who would've been 3 or 4 at the time, looked at me in my wedding dress. 

Morgan's Milieu | You are Beautiful: Morgan Prince, in her wedding dress.

"Oh mummy! You look like a princess!" he said.

Tears welled in my eyes and I smiled. 

When the Hubby and I got married I was a big size 16 and I wasn't too pleased with my appearance. My hair was still thick and unruly and I had bad teeth. But Big Prince didn't see any of that, what he saw was his mummy, dressed in a gorgeous ivory dress, with a tiara on her head. A princess.

That simple statement made me see.

It doesn't matter what you did before, who you were or what you look like. To your children you are the most beautiful person on earth. Even when you're in sweatpants and wearing no make-up. 

As we're growing we all have things we hate about ourselves, whether that's our skin colour, our thick hair or the fact that we wear glasses. But we are all beautiful.

You are beautiful.

You are unique, special, and talented. 

Those people who say hateful words, the ones who call you names and try to hurt you? They hate themselves too, and calling people names is how they deal with that hatred. They point it at someone else.

I am here to tell you to ignore those awful words. 

If you're hair is blonde, brown, or even pink, you have freckles all over, you wear glasses - great big thick ones, have birthmarks and stretchmarks or no, have scars from injuries, can walk or are in a wheelchair, have thick unruly hair or thin wispy hair...


Don't let anyone tell you different.