Working from Home and the Influence on our children

Both the Hubby and I work at home. The Hubby spends his days surrounded by mobile devices and stares at the screen as he creates his games. I sit upstairs, in front of the computer, and write.

The Hubby usually starts work at about 7am, as soon as he gets downstairs in a morning. My workday starts at about 9:15am when I've returned from taking the boys to school. 

I love my little office these days.

I have been at home since Big Prince was born, I've raised them and been there when they needed me. It has only been the last couple of months that the boys have realised I do work while they're not at home. They love it when we get sent books or toys to review!

The Hubby has worked at home for a while now and the boys are used to it. In fact it's been so long that I don't think they can remember a time when he didn't work at home. The boys know that when their dad is sat in front of his computer he is working.

I feel that the Hubby and I have a good work ethic, once the boys are at school we both go to our respective 'office' and work until lunch time. We have a short break for lunch, get back to work and I finish when it's time to pick up the boys from school. 

The boys don't see any of this.

And that makes me wonder...

Do they know what a regular job is like?

I'm sure the answer is no. They have no idea that most people have to go out to an office or factory, spend hours there and then come home worn out later in the day. 

It makes me worry about their future sometimes. I mean, if they have no idea what having a regular job is like it's going to be quite a shock for them when it's their turn. Could we be doing damage by working at home?

Again the answer is no.

What the Hubby and I are doing is showing our boys that there are a number of ways to earn money. Some people have to go to an office to work, some to a shop or a factory, and others work at home. It's just how it is and knowing there are all kinds of possibilities opens their minds.

It gives them a chance to dream without restrictions.

They can imagine their lives, much like ours, as they work at home in the future.

Or they could see themselves enjoying working in an office.

Just knowing that working at home is possible opens a world to them they may not have realised was there.

And I'm okay with that.

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