Residential Trips for Children

On 29th June Big Prince sets off on a residential trip to the Lake District. Given my recent nervousness about his first steps to independence you would think I'd be quite nervous about him being away for the week.

Morgan's Milieu | Residential Trips for Children: A photo of a child walking along a country path
He's on the road to his teens - and getting there fast!

But I'm not.

This will be BP's fourth residential trip, he's been on one every year since he was 7. Admittedly the trips when he was 7 and 8 were only an overnight thing. I don't think I (or the teachers) could've coped with him being away for the week then.

Last year was his first week-long residential trip and I was nervous, worried, and stressed. This year he's done so much growing up, and taken new steps, that being nervous seems a bit silly. I know he'll be fine, and he'll be supervised by his teachers the entire time.

Being prepared eases the stresses when your children go on a residential trip. I have a list of required clothes and equipment and having his bag packed the week before he goes helps me prepare. I'm not worried about him being home-sick, he'll be too occupied for that.

I am lucky that I have the Hubby and LP at home to keep me busy while BP is away. LP needs constant attention and with BP not being around to play I'll be expected to play instead. It's great because LP gets our focused attention. The whole week ends up being good for all of us.

That's why I'd say, if your child has a chance to go on a residential trip you should take it. Not only will they learn lots on the trip, but it's a nice introduction to doing things alone too. They have the safety of being supervised but also have some independence. And when they return they're happy to see you (and their siblings), at least for a little while.

On BP's residential trip last year he went to the Isle of Wight and loved every minute of it. He did lots of walking, they learned about and enjoyed the outdoors. I'm hoping he enjoys the Lake District just as much. 

As far as I can tell the only down side to these residential trips is the packed bag full of smelly, dirty clothes on his return.

Have your children been on a residential trip?
If so, what did you think and how did you cope?