How Do You Train Your Brain?

Your brain is one of the most amazing things in the universe, it controls everything going on in your body. But certain factors can affect your brain and it can get tired and lazy. Yep, that's right your brain can be lazy.

So what can you do to ensure that your brain doesn't get lazy?


Like anything else your brain needs to be used to stay healthy. Puzzles to solve, a different kind of thinking, can all help. Not to mention foods that are known to help with memory and keep you alert throughout the day. I have been sent a pack of brain training goodies to try out.

Morgan's Milieu | How Do You Train Your Brain?: A pack of brain-training goodies.

Do you remember the Rubik's cube? Remember how it would drive you crazy because you could never quite manage to do it?

Morgan's Milieu | How Do You Train Your Brain?: A Rubik's CubeI certainly do, I recall throwing the thing a few times! 

I don't think I ever solved it.

Do you know who can solve it? The Hubby, he had it in his hands for all of twenty minutes and he'd solved it. 

The Hubby is smart, very smart. He puts me to shame most of the time with maths and puzzles, he shows me I'm not quite as clever as I thought I was. And then he goes and solves the stupid Rubik's cube. A puzzle that has taunted me for more than twenty years.

Grrr (*wink).

Another thing the Hubby has always been good at is silly little wooden puzzles. He's been given loads of them as gifts over the years. I don't think there's been one he couldn't solve. In this pack there are four puzzles, some harder than others. 

Morgan's Milieu | How Do You Train Your Brain?: Wooden puzzles.

The challenges on the box are in two levels: 1 - take the puzzle apart, 2 - put the puzzle back together again. 

The first challenge was fairly easy, well, all apart from one of them. Once I'd taken one piece of wood away the puzzle kind of fell apart anyway but the downside is that that makes it a lot harder to work out how to put it back together again.

After fiddling with the easiest one for a while I gave up. It was frustrating that I couldn't get the wooden sticks to fit together the right way. When I handed it to the Hubby... well you can guess.

Morgan's Milieu | How Do You Train Your Brain?: A pile of wooden pieces from a wooden puzzle
They just wouldn't stay together!

There is no way I'll ever work out how to put those things together again. My brain doesn't work that way it seems.

What I seemed better at were these card puzzles, with the Witch and Cat ones and the Donkey and rider ones you have to end up with two Witches riding two cats, and two riders riding two donkeys. The Witch and cat had me stumped for a while but in the end I worked it out. The solution is the same for both.

Morgan's Milieu | How Do You Train Your Brain?: Card puzzles to test your brain.
There's that Rubik's Cube again...

The boxers puzzle was a little harder, I had four cards with four different boxers on them. I had to lay them in a way that I would end up with only one boxer. This one had me stumped. That is until I realised a card could go on top of one card and under another. Anyway, I did it! Go me!

Those kinds of puzzles I can do.

Morgan's Milieu | How Do You Train Your Brain?: Food supplements and seeds.
If puzzles aren't your thing perhaps try food or food supplements that can help maintain short term memory. Nuts and seeds are great brain foods and the packs here were okay although I prefer chocolate covered peanuts. 

If you'd like to learn more about Brain Training you can read more in this guide.

I was sent the products listed for the purpose of review.