My Rock 'n' Roll Dad

The day before Father's Day I was a bit down, the Hubby was out on his brother's Stag night and I was missing my dad. 

We live far away from them and life often rushes by without me realising it's been almost 6 months since I saw him last. It sucks.

On Saturday night I sat watching dull TV and thinking about my dad. It was then that I was hit with inspiration, this hasn't happened for a while.

I opened up my laptop and typed away, writing a poem for my dad. I'd like to share it with you now...

My Rock 'n' Roll Dad

Silvery hair
And a round belly
Often sits
to watch the telly

Smelly farts
Make him laugh out loud
Choking mum
And the rest of the crowd

One thing’s sure
To make him smile
Is the perfect cure
Keeps him busy a while

The guitar he holds
Fills him with pride
Like the rockers of old
He will not hide

On stage he rocks
With his thumpin’ band
The crowd is hot
Waving their hands

For years I know
He had this dream
But knew he’d show
How on stage he beams

My Rock n Roll Dad
Knows how to show
the dreams you had
Will never go

You make me proud
Achieving your dreams
You please the crowd
Hear their screams

That’s why you’re the best
I could’ve had
Better than the rest
My Rock n Roll Dad

This poem sums up my dad perfectly, when I was a child he dreamed of performing on stage and now he does it almost every weekend. He showed me that dreams CAN come true.

Thanks Dad.

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