First Steps to Independence

Okay, so who's responsible for keeping this a secret? 

Every single parent out there needs to be aware of the utter dread you face.

Because the moment is coming.

Whether your little one is 6 months or 6 years the inevitable is imminent. 

It might not seem like it but believe me, it's coming.


For parents that is the one word that can fill you with fear, am I right?

Morgan's Milieu | First Steps to Independence: Photo of a tween walking with hoodie on.

Today I have to let BP get the bus home from school.


Yep - ALONE.

My stomach feels like it's in knots, my palms are sweating and I am terrified. He's never been on a bus before, not even with us.

BP is at school until 3:30pm, and then I have to pick him up and take him to the High School he'll be attending in September. Their "Induction Club" is taking place after school over the next few weeks and it's a chance for the children to get used to the school. 

Which means it's also a chance for BP to get used to being independent. He needs to know how to get the bus, he needs to know where to get on, where to get off, and how much it will cost.

I know it will do him good. I know he needs to do it.

But boy-oh-boy it hurts.

Like I said, I know it will do him good, he's a quiet boy but I trust he can do this. I think he will love it, he'll feel like we're 'finally' treating him like a teenager (not that he's anywhere near yet).

It's his first step to being independent, being able to catch the bus opens doors that would otherwise stay closed. He has relied on us taxiing him about in the car up to now but as soon as he realises he can catch the bus to places I'm sure he'll start asking to do it more.

I have no idea how my parents coped when this time came for me. I lived close to my school when I was growing up but I know that at some point I started catching the bus to friends' houses. The gut-wrenching feeling of knowing your child is out there alone is enough to make you never want children!

Of course I'm joking about that, but the hole in my stomach disagrees. The rational part of my brain tells me he'll be fine. He has a phone, he can tell me where he is on his journey or contact me if anything goes wrong. And I'll jump in the car and fetch him. In. A. Flash.

Letting my boy out alone was hard, but letting him catch the bus is harder.

The parenting malarkey throws all sorts of challenges your way and I'm sure I have many more to come but for now, I'm concentrating on this one.

What has been your latest parenting challenge?