Baker Days Letterbox Cake Review

Who doesn't like cake?

And cake delivered to your door? The stuff of dreams right?


Morgan's Milieu | Baker Days Letterbox Cake Review: Blue tin with writing on top inside a white box.

Thanks to Baker Days, a company based in Nottinghamshire, you can get cake delivered to your door and when they asked me if I'd like to review one of their Letterbox cakes I did a little giddy dance!

After visiting their website I saw they had a wide range of designs and flavours, you can order birthday cakes, anniversary cakes, even cupcakes. The Letterbox cake is 5 inches and has 3-4 portions but they have three other, larger sizes.

Morgan's Milieu | Baker Days Letterbox Cake Review: Blue tine with pink heart on lid.Along with the size you get to choose the flavour of cake, with the Letterbox you can choose between Vanilla, Chocolate Chip or Fruit. I was sent the Chocolate Chip and chose a thank you cake with the '1 in a million' Teddy design. There are so many designs to choose from it took me a while to decide. You can even personalise these cakes!

The cake arrived on Friday morning, the post-woman brought it to the door in its little box and handed it to me. When the boys found out there was cake inside this little box they didn't leave my side. I opened up the box to find a circular tin, inside the tin the cake was wrapped in plastic and secured to the bottom of the tin. 

I took the cake out of the tin and removed the plastic to take photos. The boys got quite impatient with me as they waited! The decoration on the cake was really cute and colourful and it smelled amazing.

Morgan's Milieu | Baker Days Letterbox Cake Review: White iced cake with teddy bear on the top. Says "Thanks, You're one in a million" on top.

When I was finished 'messing about' taking photos we all hurried into the kitchen to devour this lovely looking cake. I cut the cake into four pieces and handed them out to the boys.

"Magnificent" said BP.
"Fantastic" said LP.
"Yeah, it's alright" said Hubby.

Morgan's Milieu | Baker Days Letterbox Cake Review: A cup of coffee and a piece of cake on a blue plate.
I don't like cakes that have too much icing but this was nice. The icing isn't too thick and it complemented the chocolate chip cake very well. I enjoyed my yummy piece of cake with a coffee and savoured my quiet moment.

The letterbox cake costs £14.99 and is just the right size to have as a nice treat, between four.

I was sent a letterbox cake free of charge for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own, that cake really was yummy!

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