Distraction: The Antidote to Mother's Worry

Today will be the third day Big Prince has ventured 'out' with his friends without supervision. Given that he's almost eleven years old I thought (or rather the Hubby did) it was about time he started going out to meet his friends.

Morgan's Milieu | Distraction, The Antidote to Mother's Worry: Quote from Elizabeth Stone - Momentous decision.

That quote pretty much sums up where we are at the moment. BP is at the stage where it's all he wants to do. A day to himself, wandering around with the sun shining, and best of all, no parents. I remember those days long ago and I thought it was fantastic.

But for me, as BP's mum, it's so hard.

Once the front door closes behind him I have no way of knowing where he is or when he'll be back. It is THE most terrifying experience I've had since becoming a parent. 

When you decide to have children no one ever tells you about all the tough decisions and stressful times. No one warns you that when they leave the house you will feel like a piece of you is missing. The entire time they're out of the house you'll be thinking about them and your stress levels won't return to normal until they walk back through the door.

Watching my children grow is a magical experience. I see them becoming men before my eyes but I never realised how hard it would be to let them go.

Each time BP walks out the door I want to cry with worry. 

I won't.

Instead I'll come up with ways to distract myself.

Distraction is the antidote to Mother's Worry. At least for this kind of Mother's Worry.

Since BP left the house I have put two loads of washing on, put the dishwasher on, and buried my head in blogging. LP is playing games on his iPad and I'm sitting at the computer typing out drafts for future posts. So far I've done three - it's the most productive I've ever been.

If his outings continue I imagine I'll become a super-blogger in no time!

Do you have children BP's age?
How do you cope with letting them out alone?

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  1. My girl is 12 and I have always worried about letting her out alone....I had a lie in the other day and my fella let her go to the corner shop for the first time alone....I'm so glad I was in bed and knew nothing about it at the time....I would have been worried sick even though the shop was only a 5 minute walk away. She doesn't play out as her friends all live about 20 minutes away.....Phew! There will come a time and I am dreading it x

    1. Oh hun I know just what you mean. BP's friends all live 2 miles away (roughly) but he walks to school every day and on his way, walks past their houses. When he asked if he could go out I would've felt like a hypocrite if I'd said no. I guess you can't stop them from growing up, no matter how much we want to! Good luck with it hun. xx

  2. Lots of love, x0x0..

  3. That quotation is too much! I'm just not gonna let him out without me ever. I'm sure he'll be fine with that :)

    1. Totally. I'm sure he'll love it. ;)

      It is one of the hardest things you have to do as a parent and I don't think it'll ever get any easier. xx

  4. Anonymous13:44

    My son is 5 so it will still be a few more years till he need to be in his own with his friends. But I can only imagine how you miss him and how you are worried. I dont know if I can ever let him go though #pocolo

    1. I'm sure when it comes around you'll be able to let him go Pixie, it's all a part of growing up. It is the hardest thing but, as the title suggests, distract yourself. :) xx

  5. Hi Morgan, being a parent is never easy! My two are a little older and have never been worried about getting out and about, although these last twelve months my daughter (15) has started meeting up with friends in town on an evening. The culture here is a little different than the UK and it's normal for youngsters to meet up (take over) in coffee shops and the thing I worried most about is her drinking coffee!

    Distraction is a wonderful thing, when something is worrying me, I too seem to get a lot done.

    1. No it certainly isn't Debbie! I'm constantly battling LP at the moment because he wants to start walking to school on his own (he's 6), this is obviously not happening quite yet! BP loves to go out alone and is doing it more now. I can't imagine BP drinking coffee, he hates the smell! ;)

      Oh yes distraction is wonderful! xx


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