Last week was hectic, my diary was full. The first three days of the week I had appointments which meant no writing time. On the plus side I had planned to write something for The Prompt and Prose4T.

Writing Bubble

At the hairdressers, while surrounded by chatting women, I wrote two poems. With my notebook (paper not virtual) an dpen I wrote the words that were in my head. I planned to type them into the computer later. Unfortunately that's when the tech-gods decided to stiff me with a malfunctioning iMac. The rest of the week whizzed by in a blur.

It may not be amazing but I wanted to share my poem with you. The Prompt last week was 'Shine'.


Make-up on and hair all done
Check the mirror one more time
Going out to see everyone
Got to make sure you shine.

Girl at home, alone and sad
No make-up and hair all gone
The pain inside is getting bad
But she will tell no one

You're out with friends drinking wine
Music loud and boys nearby
You smile and laugh, glad to be fine
To live your life you'll try

The girl at home sends a text
She's thinking of a friend
Closes her eyes and thinks 'what next?'
As oblivion descends

Your phone beeps and you glance down
She's grinning up at you
"Goodbye my friend and don't you frown,
DON'T be sad or blue."

Tears trickle down your cheeks
Her fight was lost today
You know she has been ill for weeks
This was the only way

"Shine!" she said long ago
SHINE is what you'll do
SHINE for her and not be low
SHINE your whole life through