The Near-Death iMac Experience

Safari (not responding)

For the last few days I've been plagued by technical issues. I haven't written anything since Tuesday, I've missed some of my favourite linkys and I've been stressed. All down to the iMac being near death.

On Thursday morning, after going for my walk, I sat in front of the iMac and tried to refresh my tabs in Safari. I waited a moment but when nothing happened I tried quitting Safari. Again nothing happened. My iMac just froze.

I called the hubby and he came to investigate. After lots of key presses and mouse-clicks the iMac refused to respond; we had to force a shut down.

What next?

After the forced shut down we turned the iMac back on but it still took a minute to respond to any key presses or clicks. The machine wasn't working properly and the hubby said it was failing to write to the disc. 

"Oh no, My iMac is dead!" I thought.

We spent the whole day trying to diagnose the problem without much success. In the end we had to reformat the disc. 

I was stressing. All week I'd planned to spend Thursday working on the computer and instead I'd spent the day watching the slow and painful death of my iMac. By bedtime it was still installing and I went to bed stressed. 

A New Day

On Friday morning the iMac had finished installing. I held my breath as I logged in and waited for everything to load. I was sure it wouldn't work (the pessimist in me). To my surprise Safari loaded, the computer responded to mouse-clicks; everything seemed fine.

At this point the hubby decided to load the new OS X Yosemite onto my iMac. It is available for the public to try out, it's still the beta version (tech speak for 'not quite finished') but is due for release soon. 

As it stands my iMac is working. I'm hoping that is the end of my technical problems and normal routine will be resumed.

How do you cope with technical issues?
Do you find it stressful when a computer stops working?