Far Too Brief

For 10 years and 7 days I have been a mother. For all of that time I have been a stay-at-home mum and have watched both of my boys grow. When I was pregnant people told me to cherish them while they're young. They warned me that the time would fly by and before I knew it they'd be grown. They were right.

BP's once-favourite toy

Last Friday we celebrated Big Prince's 10th birthday and I'm stunned by how quick that 10 years went. It seems only yesterday I was laid in a hospital bed, in agony, wishing he would hurry up and arrive. When he finally did my body was flooded with love as I looked into his gorgeous blue eyes. The following few weeks were hard, I was learning and I struggled with being a mum. I'd never done it before.

Once we'd settled into a good routine I became more relaxed and enjoyed being BP's mum. I often paraded him around the local park with a giant smile on my face. I didn't pay attention at the time but the months flew by and I remember having to buy new clothes every few weeks. I recall dressing him in his first Tigger outfit when he was a few months old but he only wore it a couple of times before it was too small.

The milestones came fast; swapping from the moses basket to the cot, potty training, school. Before I knew it my little prince had become Big Prince. I have so many old photos of BP where he's smiling or playing with his soft toys and I wonder... where did that time go?

I blinked and my first born boy turned into a tween. He stomps about the house being grumpy, he doesn't like being told to do work (homework or chores) and he answers back, all the time. I know this time will pass (although it may be a while) and hopefully he'll come out the other side. I'm just clinging to the memories of my beautiful baby boy - a time that was far too brief.