MemSaab Restaurant, Nottingham

Every birthday in our house is celebrated with a meal out for the family. The birthday boy/girl gets to choose the location of the meal be it a restaurant, a fast-food outlet or at home. As it was Big Prince's birthday on Friday he chose MemSaab in Nottingham.

Free Dessert MemSaab, Nottingham
BP* and his dessert

MemSaab is a fine dining Indian restaurant serving traditional spiced curries through to modern Indian cooking. It is located on Maid Marion Way in Nottingham and has three multi-storey car parks nearby. The Princes are a curry-loving family and this was a perfect choice because it's been a while since we had curry.

On Friday evening, after the hubby had finished work, we climbed into the car and headed out. We were looking forward to having a great curry; we've been to MemSaab before. We arrived early, but they had no problem with that and took us to our table straight away. BP had decided to wear a badge saying 'Birthday Boy' and was pleased when everyone started wishing him a happy birthday.

Eager to order our curry we scanned the menus, we usually order one each and share with the boys but there's now a new smaller menu available. The Early Evening Menu, costing £13.50 per person, offers a choice of starters and main courses served together on a platter. The curry comes with poppadoms and chutney, rice and dhal. This menu is available up to 6:30pm Sunday - Friday for a maximum of 6 diners. The waiter explained that the smaller portion was all served together on one platter. We decided this was the best option for us.

The poppadoms came first (not with the main platter) and we enjoyed them along with the chutney. There was three chutneys; one has mint and apple, there's a mango one and the third has onion. The onion one was my favourite but I don't know what else was in it. BP and LP finished their poppadoms in no time and wanted more.

The platter arrived next; starter in the middle. Three bowls with rice, the chosen curry and dhal. A basket containing a naan sat next to the starter. It looked appetising and the boys wasted no time in getting started. The curry tasted fantastic (I had a tikka masala) and the portion size was just right. Eating the curry proved to be more awkward than I'd like because the bowls were square. Not having a large plate to empty the curry onto made mixing the curry and rice together difficult. I couldn't fault the food though, it was one of the best curries I've had and I would definitely return.

After finishing eating we spent time relaxing and waited for them to take the platters away. The hubby, BP and I finished our curry, LP didn't - he prefers to just eat the rice. He did eat the majority of his rice and even ate a piece of chicken but he didn't finish it. LP told us he enjoyed the poppadoms and rice.

free ice-cream MemSaab Nottingham
LP* and his ice-cream

The best bit of the evening was yet to come. Just as we were readying ourselves to leave a waiter brought over a large dessert and placed it in front of BP. The waiter then lit a large sparkler, it sparkled for ages and BP grinned the whole time. We couldn't believe how nice they'd been (it was a complete surprise) and then they brought out a dish of ice-cream for LP!

Both of the boys loved MemSaab (probably due to the free dessert) and it may be a birthday choice in the future. We used to go to TGI Fridays for birthday meals; they'd sing to the birthday boy and bring a free dessert but they don't do that now. MemSaab have put them to shame and we're impressed/amazed at how nice they were. It is a family-friendly restaurant with fantastic food and if you haven't eaten there yet, you should.

What are your favourite Indian restaurants?

*I've blurred out my boys faces because I'd prefer them to be kept anonymous.

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