The Electroids - Lego Mixels

My eldest, BP, is 9 years old and has never really been that bothered about Lego. We've bought various kits over the years and he's quite happy to make whatever the thing is but then quickly loses interest after it's finished. He hasn't ever used Lego to create his own things, made up dens or buildings using the Lego. I decided a while ago not to bother buying any more kits, Lego is quite expensive after all.

Introducing Zaptor, Velectro and Teslo - The Electroid Mixels

A few months ago we were wandering in the toy aisle at Tesco and happened to come across something called Lego Mixels. Small Lego kits that when pieced together make little creatures. BP wanted one immediately and decided to use his own money. He made the first one in about 20 minutes and wanted to go straight back to Tesco to buy the rest.

There are three kinds at the moment; Electroids, Cragsters and Infernites. These yellow ones are the Electroids and the characters names are Teslo, Zaptor and Velectro. When LP saw the little characters he wanted some of his own and we decided to buy the Cragsters set for him. The great thing about these little packs of Lego is that they're only £3 each which I think is a great deal. Usually to get a small pack of Lego you're going to be paying at least £10! 

I'm sure that when Lego release series 2 of the Mixels my two boys will be very eager to buy the sets. They are great for 5 year olds because the instructions are quite simple and they're not too big. LP will happily sit for 20 minutes and build his figure and he can actually build it himself, which is great too. I think, before long, I'll have a house taken over by Mixels!

Mini Creations

Settled - Word of the Week

After the easter holidays being a bit of a let down I'm glad everything is back to normal this week. The boys are back at school, I'm back to writing when I can and the general chaos of motherhood has resumed.

Before the boys broke up we had loads of plans for the holidays and couldn't wait to get started but it seemed that fate (or something else) had other plans. Being ill is never fun or easy when you're a mother and having to try and carry on as normal just made me feel worse. It took a whole week for me to recover and then I was ill again a few days later!

Anyway, like I said everything is back to normal now and I'm doing my exercise again. I love it these days because I feel so much better, I know that the exercise is actually doing me good, I can feel the changes. So here's to more weeks like this, maybe even a couple of months? I don't mind the monotony of it, in fact I'd rather like it!

How was your easter break? Who enjoyed the sun most, you or your children?

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The first snowfall of the year and he’d sullied it. Scarlet drops continued to fall from the knife in his hand and land on the white blanket. The crunch beneath his feet as he trudged across the yard distracted him from the ringing in his ears. His heart thumped and a white cloud exuded from his nose as he exhaled. He hurried towards the shed, leaving a trail of tainted snow behind him.

As he opened the shed door he glanced at the distant hills, the sun peeked over the horizon radiating an orange glow across the sky. He stepped inside the shed, his boots thudding on the oak floor, and closed the door behind him. A beam of light burst in through a hole in the wall and bounced off the top of his metal-framed chair. He sat down, the knife still in his clenched hand, and stared at the closed door.

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LP's Artistic Flair

In the middle of the Easter break, when I was feeling terrible, I had to find a way to entertain LP who turned 5 at the start of the holidays. He's not the kind of child that likes to sit still so this was quite difficult. I handed him the game case for Lego Batman and asked him to draw the picture. At first he didn't want to do it because he thought it was too hard but eventually I convinced him. He enjoyed drawing and colouring in his creation and was really proud of it when he'd finished. I was so glad he'd managed to sit for 30 minutes while doing it.

LP's Mini Creation

Mini Creations

Freddie & Gingersnap Book Review

LP loves reading stories before bed. Ever since he was born I've read to him at bedtime and now he has started to request particular stories. For example last night he asked me to read Dr Seuss The Sleep Book, which is always a good read for getting him in the mood for sleeping!

When LP saw the cover he was very excited!

He listens (most of the time) to the stories and enjoys the adventures that the characters go on. A while ago I tried reading Harry Potter to him but I think it's a little advanced for him, he likes to see pictures. So when I was sent Freddie and Gingersnap to review and LP saw the cover of the book he couldn't wait for bedtime, he even asked to go to bed early!

Freddie & Gingersnap is a story about two creatures; a dinosaur and a dragon, and how the dinosaur teaches the dragon to fly. As you can imagine for a five year old this sounded like a very exciting story. The beauty of the story is that the two creatures become friends, even though they're meant to be enemies. I think the illustrations are just right for a five year old because they show just how the characters are feeling and this helps youngsters understand what's going on.

We did almost have an incident when reading the book. In the middle there is a page that unfolds and if you pull it in the wrong direction you could tear it. I managed to stop LP before he pulled the page too much and I opened it up for him. He loved that bit in particular.

Freddie & Gingersnap is a short story and can be read within about ten minutes, great if you're looking for a quick read. There are also parts where you'll find your little one reading along with you, this always makes me smile. I'd definitely recommend this book for the younger ones.

Disclaimer:  Freddie & Gingersnap was sent to me for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Chaos IS Normality. Who Knew?

For the last few months I've written a few posts about normality being restored after various incidents. Blogger's block, kids holidays and illness have taken their toll and I always refer to me writing again as being 'back to normal'. Over the easter break I've come to realise that this just can't be true, the interruptions to my writing time seem to happen more often than not so Chaos must equal Normality!

Whether it's blogger's block, being ill, kids holidays or anything else that might pop up, they're all normal; my everyday routine. Those times when things calm down and I do actually have time to get a decent amount of writing done, they're the blips, the disruption to routine. I don't know why I didn't realise this before, after all isn't that what being a parent is? Living amongst complete chaos and somehow managing to not go insane?

I've said before that I thrive on routine, I like to know that what happened yesterday is going to happen today. The time I had last week will be just the same this week and nothing is going to get in the way of that. But of course when you have children this just doesn't happen, there's always something going on. That routine I crave so much is just a figment of my imagination and it will never arrive.

My boys are back at school today and the house is quiet, which is lovely. The kitchen needs tidying, there's a mountain of washing and ironing to do but at least the kids toys are away. I'm trying very hard to find that motivation to make sure all the housework gets done. For the whole easter break I've felt like all things conspired against me and I got nothing done. I was ill for about a week, then LP was ill and then it was my turn again. All this on top of decorating BP's bedroom, a friend's birthday party and travelling to see family. Now that the boys are back at school all I really want to do is go to bed and sleep. I feel drained.

I'll keep going, pushing myself to complete the housework (at least partially) and squeezing in as much writing as I can before the school run. Eventually the fitness will be back into my 'routine' and I'll begin to feel like me again. Finding time for everything is hard, prioritisation just means that some things don't get done. But again, it's human nature and sometimes it's okay to forget about things and just relax. 

Being a parent is difficult and draining and making sure the family and home runs smoothly is a 24/7 job. From now on I'm going to give myself the breaks when I need them and I suggest you do the same. It's pointless berating ourselves all the time for not getting things done, chores will still be there tomorrow. Pushing our bodies harder and hoping that we have the strength to work past illness without taking breaks just doesn't work. Take the breaks you need, take time for yourself and everything else will fall into place. 

Or at least I hope it will...

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Healthy Me on the Horizon

For the last couple of weeks I've been having a bit of a down cycle. I haven't felt much like blogging, writing or socialising and then on Saturday morning I woke up feeling terrible. At first I thought it was just a cold, something I'd be able to ignore while getting on with things, but as the day wore on my energy was seeping out of me.

The timing couldn't have been worse, we've just started decorating BP's bedroom and the kids have just broken up for the easter break. I've spent the last couple of weeks wondering if LP was going to get chicken pox but actually it was me that got ill. Typical! So, Sunday went by in a blur. I took lots of medication, tried to push past the terrible achy feeling and got on with the decorating. When I finally sat down at the end of the day I could barely move. Then yesterday I thought I was feeling better, spent the morning doing more decorating and even got a little tidying done. However, once I sat down that 'wiped out' feeling hit me again and all I wanted to do was sleep. 

The problem with being ill, especially when you're a mum, is that you can't just sit down and sleep. There is always something that has to be done. I've spent these last few days dreading getting better because I know the work is piling up while I'm ill. I still have to sort out feeding the little ones but I can't summon the energy to tidy up afterwards. The washing pile is growing rapidly and the kids toys have been spreading themselves over the lounge floor.

I woke up this morning and for the first time since Saturday I didn't have a headache. My energy levels are returning to normal and although I sound really rough, am constantly sniffing and sneezing and my coughs sound like a dog's bark I am actually feeling better. Walking into the kitchen this morning I looked at the 'dirty plate bomb' that had landed and sighed. It was time to get stuck in and tidy it all up. 

Today that's what I've been doing; sorting out my kitchen, tidying the rest of the house and putting dirty clothes in the washing machine, all without having to take any medication. Now that's progress. I'm hoping that in the next couple of days this sniffy, coughing me will be gone, replaced by the healthy me. 

I hate being ill, as I'm sure everyone does, but it seems somehow worse when you're a parent. Those little ones want to play all the time and rather than disappoint them you smile and try to play just as enthusiastically as you would normally do, usually resulting in you feeling a whole lot worse. I will be a much happier bunny when this cold has disappeared!

How do you cope with parenting when you're ill?

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Bye Bye Blogger's Block

Okay so I may have overreacted when I got hit with blogger's block earlier in the week. I often say how I've been struggling to write and I got it into my head that it just wasn't working. The blogging daily was getting me down because I didn't have time for anything else, including the new fitness regime. The housework had been piling up, my ironing pile was starting to resemble a mountain and I felt like I was neglecting the boys.

This week month is particularly busy with birthdays and over the easter holidays we're planning on decorating both of the boys' bedrooms. I've been stressing about making sure I have everything ready for that and then it's LP's 5th birthday tomorrow and I've been stressing about that too. The blogger's block couldn't have come at a worse time! 

Blogging was one of the things that seemed to be going well for me just lately and with everything else being so manic I counted on that routine. So to have the block arrive shocked me, to say the least. The funny thing though, as I sat down this morning preparing for another busy day, was that I realised I was missing the blogging. I didn't feel like I had anything productive to say but I was certainly missing joining in with links and chatting to online friends. I never realised how much this means to me and I guess that's why I felt so down when I couldn't write anything.

Having taken the majority of the week away from the computer and trying to think about everything that I enjoy, including my boys, I think I'm going to stick with the routine as it currently is. I love that I have somewhere to vent when I get angry, people to chat with if I need to and something to keep my creative juices flowing, even when they don't want to.

The boys break up from school tomorrow which means a lot less time for blogging. I may not be quite as prompt with the link ups as usual but I'm hoping to get at least a little writing done. Of course there's the decorating which will take up a chunk of my time too. Let's just say the next couple of weeks are busy but I'll try my best, maybe a few late nights are in order.

I apologise for the bleak outlook I've had of late but it seems like it's passed now and I'm feeling better.

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