Freddie & Gingersnap Book Review

LP loves reading stories before bed. Ever since he was born I've read to him at bedtime and now he has started to request particular stories. For example last night he asked me to read Dr Seuss The Sleep Book, which is always a good read for getting him in the mood for sleeping!

When LP saw the cover he was very excited!

He listens (most of the time) to the stories and enjoys the adventures that the characters go on. A while ago I tried reading Harry Potter to him but I think it's a little advanced for him, he likes to see pictures. So when I was sent Freddie and Gingersnap to review and LP saw the cover of the book he couldn't wait for bedtime, he even asked to go to bed early!

Freddie & Gingersnap is a story about two creatures; a dinosaur and a dragon, and how the dinosaur teaches the dragon to fly. As you can imagine for a five year old this sounded like a very exciting story. The beauty of the story is that the two creatures become friends, even though they're meant to be enemies. I think the illustrations are just right for a five year old because they show just how the characters are feeling and this helps youngsters understand what's going on.

We did almost have an incident when reading the book. In the middle there is a page that unfolds and if you pull it in the wrong direction you could tear it. I managed to stop LP before he pulled the page too much and I opened it up for him. He loved that bit in particular.

Freddie & Gingersnap is a short story and can be read within about ten minutes, great if you're looking for a quick read. There are also parts where you'll find your little one reading along with you, this always makes me smile. I'd definitely recommend this book for the younger ones.

Disclaimer:  Freddie & Gingersnap was sent to me for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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