Worth the Pain

With the kids being off school on Monday and Tuesday I didn't think I'd get a chance to do my walk with the girls this week. Luckily I got a text late last night and we arranged to do it this morning. Feeling much better about health lately and the weight is now slowly dropping off. What I've learned so far is that even though I might feel really worn out when walking (briskly) I actually feel far better once I've had a little rest.

Morgan's Milieu | Worth the Pain: Daytona Beach, the sea rolling in.
I wish I could walk at Daytona Beach, Florida every day!

Seeing as I've been yammering on about fitness and health just lately I thought it appropriate for this week's #Prose4T. This is pretty much how I feel while, and after, walking.

Worth the Pain

Legs like jelly and chest burn
Strap up the knee and rest?
Arms all heavy and pain earned
Pushing to the crest

Reach the top and almost scream
Body full of aches
Red hot skin emitting steam
Not long before it breaks

Keep the pace but downhill now
Faster legs will go
Pumping hard onto the ground
Can't let the torment show

Get to the end and smile wide
Filled with relief
Time to sit on the backside
Glad that that was brief

Knee wrapped up and resting too
Water in a glass
Close my eyes and catch a few
Wait for it to pass

Energy flows through the vein
Filling me with fire
Aches all gone and no more pain
Feel-good factor acquired

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