Normality Restored

Boys back at school and me back in my office can mean only one thing, normality has resumed in the Prince residence. The school has been fixed and I couldn't be happier that they are back today, they've been driving me mad! I have been lucky in that the sun was shining on both Monday and Tuesday which meant they could play in the garden (which LP loved). We've been for a couple of walks too, through countryside and muddy fields but it was nice to be outside and the kids loved exploring.

I was slightly disappointed (ok, more than slightly) on Monday when I took the boys to school only to find it was closed. I'd been spending the whole weekend thinking about my book and got myself all excited about starting work on it properly. I felt like I'd had christmas morning snatched away from me, I was not a happy bunny. But then that's what being a mum is all about, adjusting to changing situations, constantly.

Yesterday afternoon I got a little research done and managed to make lots of new notes to help. I really got into the swing of it and it made me realise I'd missed a few things in the story which need to be put in at the appropriate moment. I'm looking forward to making those changes. 

Speaking of changes... My recent new-found love of exercise and having remembered how much I love writing has instigated a need in me. A need to change. At the moment I feel okay in myself, not unhealthy or unfit but just, I think I could do better. Also I've been growing my hair for about two years and it's the longest it's ever been thanks to a fantastic hairdresser who seems to be able to work wonders with my thick hair. But, like I said, I'm ready for a change so I'm having it cut short. A bob style I think. I'm very lucky that my wonderful hairdresser knows just what to do and has a plan (there's those plans again!).

I've also begun a new morning routine in which I moisturise my face, not something I've ever considered doing in the past because time seemed so short. Lately I've noticed dry skin appearing on my nose and lots of itching so I figured it's time. I'm not getting any younger after all. I love the idea of taking care of myself in all areas and I'm now on that road. I've already started looking after my body, eating more healthily and doing exercise, and I think if I use my motivation to take care of other things too I may finally be happy with myself. A goal I've been working towards for about 20 years.

I'm almost there and with a few less pounds and fewer inches I think I'd be really happy. Since having the boys I haven't spent much time thinking about myself but now that they're in school every day (mostly) and can entertain themselves I find more time for me. I want to use that time well, ensuring I write, exercise and look after myself. This body has got to last me for a long time and I don't intend sitting on my bottom when I'm 70 watching daytime TV. I want to be one of those ladies that get out into the world and enjoy life. After all you only have one don't you?

Do you ever think about later in life? What do you imagine yourself doing when in your 70's?