Growing Up

I got the letter confirming Little Prince's place in nursery. He starts in September but has two practice days at the end of this school term. You know what? September can't come quick enough!

Morgan's Milieu | Growing Up: Cherished memories of babies.

That might sound like a terrible thing to say but, at the moment, it's how I feel. I'm ready for a few hours a day where I can drink a cup of tea in peace. I'm ready to sit in the house and listen to the birds outside or watch something on the TV. What makes this all the more exciting is I’ll have more time for writing. I’ll be devoting the free time to my stories and hopefully get them finished faster. There are so many things I'm looking forward to but being child-free is top of the list! I will be able to sit and think of no one but myself.

Beautiful Blogger Award

As I read through my emails this morning I saw something from a fellow writer, Rod Tyson. 

After reading his note on my blog I headed over to his to check it out. It turns out he'd awarded me the 'Beautiful Blogger' award!

Thank you Rod, you made my day!

Rod has just recently released his second novel 'The Orphan Stone' and 'Curse of Ancient Shadows' was just shortlisted for the Kidwell eFestival Awards!

Congratulations Rod, I hope it all goes well for you. x

Check out his blog here*. 

His post Ghost Stories... reminded me that I love to hear the spooky stories people have about strange sightings and I enjoyed reading his story.

The 'rules' for the award are that I now have to select 7 fellow bloggers to pass on the reward to and list 7 random facts about myself. Here we go...