Positive Thinking

A while back, the Hubby had the opportunity to interview for a job. It was perfect for him and he would have loved it. It would have stretched him but he was ready for the challenge. The job was in California. If you've read my profile you will know that I live in Nottingham, UK. It is quite different to California. Looking at a website I saw that Downtown LA has 292 days with sun! Those are the kind of numbers that we can only dream of in the UK! This year, so far, I think we've probably had 15!

Morgan's Milieu | Positive Thinking: Pier at sunset, with bird

There are hundreds of differences between Nottingham and LA. Many that I'm sure we're not even aware of but as he made his way through the process we found ourselves looking forward to it. Yes, it was a huge change. It would be a really difficult transition to make, especially with the children, but it was one we were willing to make. The opportunity was huge and we believed it would encourage our children to aim for the top. The fact that we were considering moving to another country could open up their minds and make them realise anything is possible if you try.

We considered all the challenges that the move would present. We thought about all the pros and cons of such a move and actually started to get excited about it. We imagined how different our lives would be, how many more opportunities our children would find they had and how we could both reinvent ourselves if we wanted to.

After a couple of months it turned out that he didn't get the job and, although he was a little disappointed, we were relieved. We were thankful that we wouldn't have to live apart for months while he organised everything over there. We were happy not to have to move the children away from their friends and family and we were pleased that we wouldn't have to pack up our stuff and ship it to another country.

This whole process got me thinking and it dawned on me that we are very lucky people. Both me and my husband tend to look on the positive side of things. We try to see the best  in everything and react accordingly. If a spanner is thrown in the works we see it as a hidden opportunity. As you can see, when he was going through the interview process we looked at all of the good things that would happen if he got the job and then, when he didn't get it, we saw all the good things about staying.

I know people who go through life only seeing the negative. They go to work every day, to a job they hate, and complain about how awful their lives are. They complain when the rain is pouring and complain when the weather is glorious and the sun is shining. Given an opportunity they would rather stay as they are than risk it all. I'm so pleased that I'm not like that. Don't get me wrong, I do consider that all things have cons but I like to think that I can see the good in everything. There's always a silver lining.

My husband is now setting up his own business doing something he really enjoys and with this new phase comes new things to look forward to. If he starts going to an office every day then I can enjoy a quiet cup of tea on my own or, perhaps, do some writing!

Being able to see the positive is a blessing. Even in the darkest times you can see that light at the end of the tunnel and aim for it. I pity all those people that go through their lives limiting themselves because they're afraid to take a risk. New opportunities present new ways to seek out life. I want my children to grow up believing they are capable of anything as long as they put their minds to it.