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Meet Bashful Bunny, one of the Jellycat bears from Say It With Bears.

Jellycat Bears from Say It With Bears Review | Morgan's Milieu: Bashful Bunny, a cute teddy bear suitable for all ages.

Bashful Bunny is a 30cm high soft toy, all of his limbs are floppy and he will sit unaided. He has small black eyes and a cute pink nose, both surrounded by soft beige fur. The fur covers his entire body and is so soft and touchable. He's sitting on my desk right now and I can't stop cuddling him, he's so cute.

I can imagine Bashful Bunny sitting in a moses basket next to an adorable newborn baby, waiting for it's first cuddle. He's so soft I would have no problem giving him to a baby, there's nothing to hurt the baby at all. 

Jellycat Bears from Say It With Bears Review | Morgan's Milieu: Bashful Bunny and his birth certificate.

Bashful Bunny comes with his very own Birth Certificate and Message Card and when ordering on the Say It With Bears website you can type in your information so that it is printed on the card. You can also choose a Hoody or a Jumper, in a choice of colours, and have a message embroidered on it. There is a 30 character limit on your embroidered message.

For £21.99 this is a fantastic gift for any baby or toddler. You can find this Jelly Cat Bunny, and others, on the website.

I love this kind of gift and if I were having another baby (I'm not!) I'd love to receive something like this for my child. It's the kind of thing that can be kept for years, a keepsake. Much like this little guy below who has been in our family since BP was born, eleven years ago. He was a gift from a friend I worked with and he's still going strong, he may not be quite as soft and cuddly as he was 11 years ago but he's still here.

Jellycat Bears from Say It With Bears Review | Morgan's Milieu: BP's old teddy, he's more than 11 years old now.

I was sent Bashful Bunny for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. 

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  1. Ooh hes cute!! Maybe a bit pricey though, but he looks very soft and cuddly! #brilliantblogposts

    1. He is sooo soft! Very touchable and so cute. It is pricey but if it was a special present, like a first teddy, I think it's definitely worth it. Thanks for stopping by. xx

  2. Aww so cute! I love Jelly Cat cuddly toys - they're always so soft :) #brilliantblogposts

    Helen x

    1. This is the first Jelly Cat toy I've encountered but you're right it is really soft. :) Thanks for stopping by Helen. x

  3. My daughter has a few bashful bunnies (of different sizes) and she absolutely adores them. We have many jellcat toys and they are all soft, well made and often just a little bit quirky. Ours are very well loved so not so soft any more but they are special!

    1. They're definitely on my list as possible gifts now, I think they're lovely little toys for special little people. And a great keepsake. Thanks for stopping by. xx

  4. They are a little pricey, my kids had them when they were little and they lived them so much that when I got my home decor shop I just had to stock them. Although they don't quite fit in with the theme of my store at they are very popular indeed. I also try to be the cheapest online so a pricey bargain at Maison White! Lol.


    1. Oh how lovely. Thanks so much Micheke, I'll have to stop by the next time I'm looking for Jellycats. xx


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