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It's time for Post Comment Love - our little linky hosted by myself and Stephanie. We welcome all bloggers to share their posts with others and read what interests them. The linky opens every Friday and is open throughout the weekend. Will you be joining us?

It's funny how freeing it is to have decided to say goodbye to blogging - I moved to blogging back in 2012 when I was trying to write a book and thought having a blog would be a good way to get the book noticed. What happened was blogging took over, and at the time I thought it was a good move. I've spent years chasing views, wondering why I wasn't getting the thousands of views that other bloggers were, and feeling like I wasn't trying hard enough. In the end I realise that it's partly because I refuse to put more hours into it. I would much rather spend the time with my family than spend every waking moment trying to get my posts 'out there'.

Now I know that's not how every blogger does it, and to be honest I'm not even criticising those that do. If that's how you like to work then great - but it's not for me. And in the end that's what led me to decide to give up on blogging. I don't want to be chasing the views, to be searching for companies to work with so I can make a little money from this little thing. I can now concentrate on my family, and more importantly finish my novel. I feel so good writing creatively again and given that it's been a life-long dream of mine to write a book then I figure I'm making the right choice.

We're working on finding a co-host to work with Stephanie and we have someone in mind, we'll be in touch with them soon. And then hopefully you'll have a smooth transition when it comes to switching over. I'll be sticking around for one more week, next week will be my last PoCoLo and honestly I'll be sad to let go. It's been a pleasure hosting every week. So, for now I'll sign off and save my proper "goodbyes" for next week.


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