5 Top Reasons To Drive With Winter Tyres

Every year, as winter rears its ugly head drivers in the UK prepare themselves for the possibility of snow and ice. We buy de-icer for the windscreens, and we start the car 10 minutes before we have to leave. But how many of us think about changing our tyres for the winter? Here's 5 top reasons you should drive with winter tyres this year.

Why should you change tyres for the winter?

Okay, so thinking about changing tyres for the winter may be a bit of a pain. It may be more hassle than it's worth right? But there are real differences when it comes to driving with winter tyres, which I will cover below, but the main point is they keep you safe. With the holiday season approaching isn't worth considering?

5 Top Reasons To Drive With Winter Tyres | Buy winter tyres and stay safe this winter.

Better performance at low temperatures

The type of rubber used in winter tyres is different to that in regular tyres, and it performs better at low temperatures. The winter tyres don't harden in lower temperatures, which means better grip. This is obviously what you're looking for when it comes to winter driving. With snow, ice, or even just rainy roads in the cold you want to have the safest drive possible. 

Improved braking distances

With better grip comes improved braking distances - even in snow or ice. I remember roughly 10 years ago the winter was tough, it snowed - a lot. The roads were covered, lots of cars had trouble getting around, and one particular evening the Hubby and I went out and had some trouble of our own. As we drove around a corner the car slid and almost hit a tree - it scared me a lot and it made me realise how different it is driving in the winter. If anything can help with braking distances I'm for it.

Let us love winter, for it is the spring of genius.

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Superior traction

Snowy roads are slippy, icy roads are worse, so something that could give your car superior traction is worth thinking about right? Driving with winter tyres will improve your traction on the road, they were made for the colder temperatures.

5 Top Reasons To Drive With Winter Tyres | Snow doesn't have to be scary - buy winter tyres and you can stay safe.

Fuel efficiency

We're all looking for ways to be more economical when it comes to our fuel efficiency and driving with winter tyres will help with that. Because the winter tyres were made for the lower temperatures during the winter your car is more economical when compared to driving with regular tyres.

To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake it is necessary to stand out in the cold.


Be safe

If there's one thing you should absolutely consider when deciding whether to drive with winter tyres this winter it's safety. With better performance at low temperatures, improved braking distances, and superior traction, it's fairly obvious that winter tyres are the safer choice. 

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Have you ever considered driving with winter tyres?

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