How to keep your kids’ bedtime routine this summer holiday

There’s nothing more exciting in a kid’s year than the summer holidays. A whole six weeks free from school to focus on having fun and just being a kid. The same can’t be said for us parents though. The summer holidays for us are stressful, expensive and time-consuming to say the least. 

There is some enjoyment to be had though as we get the chance to spend more time with our kids and enjoy long, lazy summer days together. 

However, all this fun can often throw you kids schedules out of whack. With no school to wake up for it can be difficult to keep your kids feeling energised. This means that when they do go back to school, you’ll have a hard battle getting them to bed at a reasonable hour.

How To Keep Your Kids' Bedtime Routine This Summer Holiday | They can stay up later - but stick to a routine.

With that said, here are a few tips and tricks to keep your kids in their normal sleeping routines. 

Bedtime and sleeping

While the summer holidays are meant to be a break from everything for our kids, it's still important to make sure they’re sticking to their regular sleep schedule. The odd late night here or there won’t do any harm, but the importance of a bedtime routine shouldn’t be overlooked. 

Getting a good, regular nights sleep will stop your child from being irritable and tired which could ruin the summer for both them and you.

How To Keep Your Kids' Bedtime Routine This Summer Holiday | Even babies need a routine.

To combat this, make sure you’ve got their bedrooms properly set up for good night’s kip. 

With lighter evenings it can sometimes be hard to get kids to settle. Therefore, things like blackout blinds massively help to improve the length of time your child sleeps for. Places like Swift Direct Blinds offer a range of blinds and curtains that can be custom made for your windows.

As well as this, trying to stick to a familiar routine is especially important for younger kids and toddlers. Making sure they’ve had a bath and gotten into their pyjamas will keep that familiar pattern that means they’ll find it easier to fall asleep. 

Getting some night-time air

As mentioned previously, summer brings us those longer days and lighter evenings. Use this to your advantage and make the most of it. If your child is struggling to wind down for the evening, go out for some fresh air. 

Whether this is going for a walk or just letting them run around the garden, the fresh air and activity will wear them out soon enough. 

You can also leave their bedroom window slightly open during the night to make sure a cool, fresh breeze is circulating in their room as this has been proven to improve the quality of sleep

Keep their bedding lightweight

If there’s a heatwave (which in England, is optimistic), your little ones will find it hard to get a proper night’s sleep. 

How To Keep Your Kids' Bedtime Routine This Summer Holiday | When it's hot they'll struggle - so let them sleep without the quilt.

If the temperatures are hotter during the day, make sure their bedding isn’t too heavy. This can cause your child to overheat in the night meaning they will wake up and struggle to get back to sleep.

Keep bedding to just the sheets without the duvet and let them sleep in pyjama shorts. 

Be careful of too much sun

This goes without saying but make sure your kids don’t experience too much sun during the day! 

Even the slightest burn can make bedding and clothes feel scratchy and sensitive. This will make them feel uncomfortable and ultimately will make getting them to nod off that bit more difficult.

Always make sure your kids are properly protected against the sun by using sun cream, hats and other protective clothing. 

Heat can also cause dehydration, so make sure your kids are properly hydrated throughout the day and make sure to leave a cup or bottle of water by their bed overnight. This way, if they wake up thirsty, they won’t need to come knocking on your door in the early hours. 

Consistency is key when it comes to bedtime routines. By following these steps, you should be able to better keep your kids in their usual routine which will leave them feeling well rested and able to enjoy their summer in the best way possible!

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