Are You The Bridesmaid? Here's How to Nail Your Job

If one of your best friends is getting married, and you have been chosen as the bridesmaid to help her arrange the big day, there is a reason for that. You might be known for being responsible and give as much as you can, devote time to your friends’ needs, or you might simply have experience planning weddings. If you want to support your friend in the best way possible, you might want to get started with the planning as soon as possible. 


The first thing you will have to do is find out about their preferred or chosen wedding venue, and make sure you know everything about the rules, the parking, the capacity, and the different packages available. You might be asked to negotiate the deal with the venue and the wedding planner, to take the weight off the shoulders of the bride-to-be. Find out as much as possible about the numbers and the guests, so you can adjust your plan. 

Survey Guests 

As a bridesmaid, you might need to get to know the guests you are trying to provide a good time for. You can ask the bride to be to give you the list or the emails, so you can create an online survey about their food intolerance, special diet, and health needs. You need to pay attention to the needs of everyone, and take care of the small details to make the wedding a success. Arrange entertainment that the entire family and group can join in. 

Create a Theme 

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Once you have sat down with the couple, you will have a better understanding of what type of wedding they would like. They might have a preferred theme or style, and you will have to communicate this with the planner and event manager. Whether you are looking for a fairy tale style or a more traditional event, you will need to ensure that everything fits in; the invitations, decorations, and placeholders. 
Create a Timeline

To avoid running out of time planning the wedding and helping your friend have the best day of their lives, you will have to put your project management skills to good use. This means creating a timeline and setting up reminders to check on the suppliers. You will also have to send the bride-to-be regular updates, so they don’t stress out over things you have already taken care of. 
Choose the Right Entertainment and Music

You might be in charge of choosing the band and the kids’ entertainer. After all, the couple might be too busy tasting cakes and trying on dresses. Find out about the demographics and taste of the guests, and collect different demos. Check out The Hot Shots to make sure that you are able to present your shortlist on time and secure the booking. 

Being in charge of your best friend’s wedding is an honour, but also can cause you a lot of headache if you don’t start planning on time and double check the details.