Post Comment Love 23rd - 25th November

Welcome back to another Post Comment Love with Stephanie and me. Can you believe it's almost December? It seems just two minutes ago we got back from Florida and now it's almost Christmas - what is going on?!? 

I haven't even started with the Christmas shopping and we've got so much to do. Next weekend will be Christmas decoration time (ours always go up on the 1st) and then it'll be the hurtle towards the day. Oh boy, we'd better get buying hadn't we? I do have a list, so that's something I suppose. I've been adding things to my Amazon wish list as a reminder of things to think about but I do prefer to buy things that aren't from the High Street. You know, the kind of things that you couldn't get doubled up. But of course that means more planning. On the plus side I'm not cooking for 20 people this year, in fact we might be going out for Christmas Lunch which I'm quite looking forward to. In 14 years I haven't had a year when I didn't cook so having the break would be lovely.

Post Comment Love 23rd - 25th November | I'm looking forward to Turkey for Christmas Lunch.
Mmmm turkey... 

As for other stuff we don't have a lot going on at the moment, apart from all the 40th birthdays. Our first is my brother, on 21st December, then we have a little break. After that they come thick and fast. But as I was saying, we don't have a lot going on, the boys are going to school and LP is enjoying his clubs and karate. BP is studying a lot, he seems to have more homework this year than ever before and he doesn't like it one bit. I've had to start telling him how much to do and when, so he doesn't end up doing 4 hours of homework in one evening. It's difficult when all he wants to do is play Fortnite but he's got hours of homework to do. But that's a mums job right? As much as I hate being Evil Mum it has to be done so that he doesn't fall behind. 

I've been helping LP a lot lately too. He has his first big project from school and it's due in next week. He's written a biography about his dad, which he's needed quite a bit of help with. When BP did it I could pretty much leave him to it, but LP needs the extra help. Especially with the grammar and punctuation. I don't mind it though, it's what I do after all. Hopefully he'll get it all finished and he'll have a nice break for Christmas. 

So, that's it from me this week. 
Are you Christmas ready?

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