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It's Friday and that means one thing peeps - it's time for Post Comment Love. Link up your best or favourite post of the week and Stephanie and I will stop by and have a read and tweet out. If you're a newbie here - welcome! We love it when new people join us and we hope to see you back again. And for all you oldies (kidding 😉) welcome back - it's always great seeing people come back. 

It's been an interesting week, and I've been kept busy. The Hubby has been playing a lot of games just lately which means I've had time to get on top of housework. I know that sounds pretty boring but it's great to know you've done your laundry for the day and you only need to make sure the uniforms are done for Monday. It doesn't happen often I can tell you!

Post Comment Love 26th - 28th October | woman holding a pile of folded wool sweaters.
It feels good to get all the laundry done!

I've been staying organised too, so far, and I'm keeping the kitchen fairly tidy. As a result I'm more motivated to cook at the end of the day so we've been enjoying some great family meals which we eat at the dinner table rather than on a tray in front of the TV. Another win.

We had LP's parent's evening this week too and he's doing really well. We knew he'd been doing good with his maths, we've been to see his teachers about holding him back a few times since the start of the year already, but it was the other stuff we didn't know about. We were happy to see that he's doing really well in all of his subjects and is working at a high standard throughout school. It's great to see. 

The uncertainty I was struggling with last week is still there, but I'm not going to hurry on this one. I'll keep going with the blogging and stay at home for now, we've got enough going on at the moment without me adding to it. Being at home is best for us right now and that's all that matters.

I'm preparing for the boys being at home next week, I've got LP at home today and to keep him busy I've given him a copy of my Halloween Activity Booklet. He loves doing that kind of thing and I think he likes the fact that I've made it. As for next week I've got no idea what we'll do - probably a lot of movies, game playing, and staying home. It's getting to the time of year when staying in is much more preferable!

Have you planned anything exciting for half term or are your kids already back at school?

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