How to Optimize Your Student Room for Study

When you first move to a student room, it might feel a bit cold and unwelcoming. This is completely normal and definitely something you can fix with a few cheap and easy accessories. 

Student accommodation has really improved in the last few years as attendance soars and students are looking for something a little better than a damp room in a terraced house. There are all sorts of luxury apartments available now and you can see just how the standards have shifted at

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But no matter where you live, it is likely that your room will be a blank canvas. Make the most of this opportunity to express yourself and create a space you love being in. 

Get some Free Standing Shelves

Where some rooms come with some fantastic storage, others might be a little more basic. If this is the case, you can get some free standings shelves that are cheap and cheerful - just what you need to organize your books and notes. 

Keeping all your work and books in one place will make it much easier to find what you are looking for and also clear some much-needed space on your desk. A tidy room might be a challenge for you, but if you can at least keep things in a sort of order, when you come to write your essay, it will be a much calmer space to work in. 

Put up Fairy Lights and Use Lamps

Lighting is essential in any room but when you only have one space for everything, different lighting options are the quickest way to change the mood. Having a well-lit space is optimal for studying so putting your main light on as well as some fairy lights could be good for you. 

But, at night when you are relaxing, having just a main light is quite a cold way to light a room. Instead, pop a lamp on your bedside table to give you a pool of light and try putting fairy lights up for a softer look. 

There are all kinds of novelty lights around these days too and these could be a great way to bring in more colour and bit of your personal style. University is about having fun and freeing yourself, so if ever there was a time to experiment, it’s now. 

Bring in Bright Colours

The vast majority of student rooms are neutral. This is perfect because it means that even if you move house each year, you can essentially recreate the same room over and again with the accessories you have. 

Brightly coloured soft furnishings including duvet sets are the first way you can introduce colour and your own taste to a room. You can also add a rug, put pictures up and add small items of furniture if there is room. 

Bright colours stimulate the senses and, in theory, this should help you to concentrate for longer and not get bored. This might sound like a tenuous theory but if it gives you a reason to make your room feel like home, go with it!

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