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Okay... can you believe it's March!!! AND it's snowing! As I write the snow is pouring down outside, it has been for a good 2 hours and doesn't show any sign of stopping. The boys are off school (thankfully watching a movie right now) and I still have to work. I can't complain really because it did mean not having to go outside in the cold and trudge through the heavy snow. Silver-lining and all that.

A teen boy and a tween boy play in the snow. The ground is covered in 2 inches of snow, footprints and drag lines can be seen in the snow. In the background are snow-covered trees and leaves. The older boy is throwing a snowball at the younger boy while the younger boy is holding a snow shovel to protect himself.  Image for "Post Comment Love 2nd - 4th March"
The boys playing in the snow yesterday.

This week hasn't been too bad for the weather, apart from yesterday and today. It's snowed occasionally, and the drive has been covered once or twice but the sun managed to melt the snow enough that getting to school wasn't a problem. Then on Wednesday it snowed - a lot. Our drive was covered, but I didn't see a problem getting to school because we have a Volvo XC90 - it's amazing in the snow. It's like there's nothing there! Anyway, I didn't mind having to go to school but after checking websites it turned out they were closed. LP was disappointed, he'd been looking forward to World Book Day for ages, had it all planned out and had THE BEST outfit to wear. He wanted to dress up as Gandalf, he read The Hobbit last year and couldn't wait to dress up. I'm hoping they let him go to school in his outfit at some point.

A young boy (about 8 years old) is dressed in a Gandalf costume. He wears a grey cloak and a grey hat, he has a long white beard reaching to his knees and has long white hair the same length. He holds a wizard's staff in the air with both hands ready to bring it down to the ground. Image for "Post Comment Love 2nd - 4th March"
LP's Gandalf costume - he ran around the house in it for a while instead of school. 

BP was pleased there was no school, apparently today is the worst day for lessons so he didn't mind missing it. But then that's teenagers for you I suppose.

As for other stuff - I finally got my letter from the hospital, it seems everything is okay and I have to go back in another six months. I'm hoping next time they get the letter to me a little quicker because the stress the waiting caused was annoying. I get so worried about it and at one point burst into tears because I couldn't stand the waiting. Now I know it's all okay the crying seems silly, but I guess that's how it goes isn't it? At least I'm okay now.

How have you coped with the snow this week?

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