Have you ditched your New Year Resolution yet?

Did you know that today, 17th January, is Ditch New Year's Resolution Day? I had no idea but I have to be honest and say it sounds about right - a couple of weeks after New Year and already people are thinking about giving up their resolutions.

I don't really make New Year's Resolutions for exactly that reason - they're usually just something that is ignored or, more often, something else for me to feel guilty about not doing. As busy mums we find it all too easy to feel guilty about things, for not spending enough time with the kids, for not making the kids eat more healthily, or for not getting all of the housework done. 

Time to let go?

What if, instead of thinking of extra things you will do this year why not let go? Stop doing all the things that make you feel bad or guilty throughout the year - wouldn't that be wonderful? That's why I loved this campaign from Heidi at ThirdLove, her anti-resolutions really made me want to shout YES!

Doesn't that sound lovely? Eating lunch outside in the sunshine - that really does sound good, particularly given that it's gloomy and raining outside. Getting outdoors during the day is bound to do Heidi some good, she'll get a little walk, spend time with colleagues and friends, and maybe even choose a healthy lunch - all good things - and as a bonus she is giving up something that is bad for her. Brilliant.

This is something I really ought to do (there's that guilt again!), get rid of old bras. I hoard mine (for some insane reason!) and have a cupboard full of old bras that I don't intend to wear again - why on earth am I keeping them?! If you're anything like me you treat yourself to new underwear even less often than you buy yourself new clothes so maybe it's time you ditched your old underwear too. ThirdLove has some cute bras that are definitely worth treating yourself to. The funny thing is buying yourself new underwear always feels wonderful so why not do it more often!

Now this one really resonates with me, I have been doing exactly this. I get my workout done first thing in a morning and when I am done the boys are up and want breakfast. I've had my endorphins fix and feel good and the boys have had sleep and not bothered me. I did this before I even thought of it as a resolution!

What am I letting go of?

Whenever I buy myself anything I feel guilty. It could be a new jumper or simply a lip-care product and yet I feel guilty every time. I think the money would be better spent on something for the boys or groceries and I beat myself up about it for ages. I don't know why I do it. So I'm letting go of the guilt whenever I buy myself something new, even if it's a pair of shoes (I have lots)!

What will you be letting go of?

Is there something that always drags you down? Perhaps that's the thing you should be giving up. It could be those extra chocolates you've been sneaking (naughty!) or it could be the guilt like me. Rather than making a New Year's Resolution to add to the guilt later in the year let it all go and free yourself!

So tell me, what will you let go of?

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