5 Ways you can use your smartphone to relieve stress

It seems like the smartphone is a primary cause of stress for a lot of people. It seems like being in a constantly connected world has made it more difficult for us to switch off and relax at the end of a tough day, leading to more instances of burnout. However, the same tech that can be the cause of stress can also be our saviour from it.

If you are feeling tired, stressed and burnt out from a hectic life, here are some five ways you could use your smartphone to help you relieve that stress and regain your vitality:

Learn how to meditate with an App

Apps like Headspace and Calm are perfect for those of you who suffer from stress because they are very good at teaching you how to switch off for a few minutes, clear your head and realise that your thoughts aren’t facts. If you’ve never thought about meditation before, but you want to feel a greater sense of wellbeing, give them a try - you might just be pleasantly surprised.

Get professional help via your phone

No, I don’t mean you should Google your symptoms and look for the answer to your stress problem online - although that can help if you use reputable sources - I’m talking about seeing a professional doctor via your phone. 

You see, it is now possible to see GPs Powered by babylon - an app that can be accessed online and via smartphone. If you’re feeling stressed, and you don’t know what to do about it, going to the doctor’s surgery can be daunting, especially if you’re feeling anxious too, but with babylon, you don’t have to worry - you can talk to a professional from the comfort of your own phone whenever you like, which is enough to relieve some anxiety in and of itself.

Text a therapist

If you’re so stressed out that you think you’d benefit from seeing a therapist, but you can’t afford the time or money that would require, then apps like Talkspace and Betterhelp, which are much more affordable than the average therapist, and which allow you to text your therapist can be a good alternative. Again, they’re often a better option for people who are stressed and anxious, for whom seeing a therapist face-to-face could be difficult, but anyone can benefit from them.

Sort your schedule

If the main source of your stress is your hectic lifestyle, you might find that using scheduling apps that allow you to better streamline the use of your time, along with organisational tools like Evernote, which make it easier for you to organise notes and view them on various devices, will help to relieve some of the strain.

Learn yoga on Youtube

Yoga is a very good stress-reliever and thanks to Youtube, you don’t need to pay for classes to get the benefits because there are countless excellent yoga instruction videos on there for free. Give them a try.

So, there you have it, your smartphone really can help you relieve stress in more ways than you might have imagined; it’s just a matter of using it right.

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