Keep your man in style this Christmas

If your man is anything like mine he is a pain to buy for, especially at Christmas. He already has most of the things he wants and socks and mens fragrances are off the list, so what on earth do you buy? This year I have turned to clothes, I know what the Hubby likes and can get some things he wouldn't buy for himself but would like - the perfect Christmas gift.

What to buy?

The Hubby has had the same sense of style since I met him - he loves his jeans, t-shirts, and jumpers. In the spring and summer he has lots of t-shirts to choose from but his selection of jumpers for autumn and winter was limited. He has a few nice ones that I bought 2-3 years ago from Ted Baker but that's about it. As the weather gets colder and I see him shivering as he walks around the house I thought it would be a good idea to get a few long sleeved tops and jumpers for him.

Where to go?

I hadn't heard of The Idle Man until they got in touch and asked if I'd like to review some of their items. The Idle Man, a menswear based retailer, catering to the style conscious man. Hosting brands such as Champion, Farah and Dickies. The Idle Man is a go-to destination for men. Alongside the online shop, The Idle Man Manual is a blog dedicated to offering style advice as well as stories and guides about music, grooming and lifestyle. When it comes to buying for the Hubby there are usually only a couple of places I go - Tesco or Ted Baker - but it's always nice to find something new so I decided to give The Idle Man a go. 


Like I said, as it's almost winter I decided to go for the long-sleeved options and I have no doubt the Hubby will like them. 

grey sweatshirt with christmas decorations laying on top of it.

The Hubby likes a lot of different styles of jumpers so I got a selection. I think of the four jumpers chosen there aren't any that are a similar style to one another. The first, a grey casual-looking sweatshirt, has long sleeves but is thin - it would be great underneath a big coat - and paired with jeans would be great for a night in the pub or a walk out with the family. This sweater is available from The Idle Man for £30.

Navy sweatshirt, with fleece feeling inside, with a christmas wreath on the front of it.

Next, this navy sweatshirt. While plain I think this sweatshirt would look good over the top of a polo shirt. It is thicker than the grey sweatshirt and has a fleece-y feel inside, so if the Hubby decides to wear it on its own the material won't irritate his skin. I have no doubt this sweatshirt will keep him warm on the colder days. You can buy this sweater for £20.

A navy hoodie with christmas decorations lying on it.

Hoodie time! Everyone loves a good hoodie right? Well, the Hubby does anyway. Another navy choice this hoodie will go with anything, obviously more of a casual look but that's the Hubby all over. The material the hoodie is made from is very thin so it would work well over the top of a t-shirt, and it feels nice inside - not fleecey but soft. The hood has pull strings and there's a pouch on the front of the jumper - perfect for the wintery months. The hoodie is available for £20.

A burgundy turtle neck sweater with a christmassy ribbon laid over the top of it.

Finally this turtle neck jumper, in burgundy, is my favourite. I love the colour and know it will look great on the Hubby. Again the jumper is quite thin but as a turtle neck I don't think anything underneath it would work very well. I'd say this jumper would work well with a thick coat if heading outside but it will look good on. Made from cotton the feel of the material is fine, I don't think it will irritate the Hubby's skin. Grab this turtle neck jumper for your man for £25.

Burgundy t-shirt covered in Christmas decorations

I also got the Hubby a plain cotton t-shirt in burgundy. Like I said he does love his t-shirts and another one to add to the collection will make him happy! Get this t-shirt for £8.

What I thought about The Idle Man

The selection on The Idle Man website is great, there's plenty to choose from with lots of different colour choices (including pink) and something to suit any style. There's clothes from The Idle Man as well as other brands and the prices are reasonable. Be sure to check out their Autumn/Winter lookbook.

I will be heading to The Idle Man website again when the Hubby is ready for some more new clothes!

If you were to buy something for your man which would you choose?

I was sent the items listed for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own.