Add a touch of romance to your festive season

Christmas is definitely around the corner; there are decorations everywhere, and every advert seems to be about gifts and festive food to celebrate this special time of year. As parents; you’ll probably find yourself running around like a headless chicken behind the scenes, ensuring that gifts have been bought, the decorations are up, and you have a fully stocked fridge. Kids will be taking the focus, and seeing the season through their eyes will always make it more magical. However, it’s important that you don't forget yourself and your partner at this time of year so that the whole family has a Christmas to remember.

Romance might not be first on your priority list when it comes to the season ahead; however, there’s nothing wrong with taking some time for yourself and your partner to celebrate together (after you’ve hidden the elf on the shelf). Ensuring that you make an effort to appreciate each other will help the festivities to run smoothly and ensure that you’re continuing to strengthen all the elements of your relationship. The following are some ideas, inspiration, and advice for those who can’t wait for Christmas to begin in their home and want everyone to feel festive and loved.

Time Out From The Kids

It’s not about running off together to a desert island until Christmas day arrives, but it’s worth taking those precious moments when the kids are asleep, or at a sleepover, to spend your time with one another. Order a takeaway and catch up over the dinner table, before watching a movie together. Sit together on the sofa and ask about how each other are. You can learn a lot about how one another is feeling in the space of an hour or so, and you can offer support and advice, or it might just be that you enjoy laughing looking back over the week. Whatever you discuss; you’ll both come away feeling lighter and in a better mood.

Regular date nights shouldn’t be pushed to one side just because it’s the festive season; make sure that you keep making an effort to head out for dinner with your other half. Getting dressed up and making an effort to see each other outside of the family and home environment will always feel like a treat and will give you the boost you need to get through the rest of the silly season. Put these dates down in both of your calendars so that nobody double books, and take it in turns to choose where to go and what to do. You can always add a Christmas touch to a date night by going ice skating, grabbing a drink at a Christmas market, or heading to watch a festive movie; nobody said to ignore what time of year it is!

Thoughtful Festive Touches

Your other half may well need socks again this year, but make sure that you’re still putting plenty of effort and thought into their gift. Of course, the kids will take priority, and you’ll have managed to thrill them on the day with what Santa has brought them. However, it’s worth checking out some cool gifts for guys and finding something a little different and special this year; your other half will be so surprised that your date nights might actually increase!

Think about what your favourite foods and drinks are around this time of year. You can get your bake on with the kids and create something delicious that you know your spouse will enjoy nibbling on as you all sit and watch T.V together. Get a few bottle of their favourite drink and have them chilled for you both to enjoy when the kids are in bed; it’s often those little touches that bring romance into a relationship, and it’s not all about grand gestures.

Keep The Teamwork Going

Like any parents; you’ll need to consider the needs of your kids and navigate the festive period as a team, especially when little ones get over excited (and eat all of their advent calendar at once). Therefore, it’s vital that you stick together and keep the teamwork alive. You can make an evening out of wrapping presents together; grab some nibbles and pop some music on so that you’re having fun as you get through the endless rolls of sellotape. The more fun that you have together, and the more that you’re able to find it in the everyday tasks of family life, the better. Afterall, there’s nothing more romantic than laughing and giggling through the festive season with one another, apart from the odd sprig of mistletoe!

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