Create a cosy living space for autumn and winter

You’ve probably already have had the heating on by now in an attempt to stay toasty while you’re snuggled up, watching Blue Planet or The X Factor. It’s definitely the chilly season, which is about to turn into the cold season, full of frost, snow, and long and dark nights. However, it’s not all doom and gloom! Christmas is just around the corner, and there’ll be plenty of festive lights, decorations, and cheer to keep you and your family smiling and excited for the weeks ahead.

The lounge, or the living room, is often the place where everyone congregates to watch the T.V, play with their tech, and generally stay warm and snug before heading upstairs to bed each night. Therefore, it’s worth making an effort to create a space where everyone can squeeze in and get comfortable so that you have plenty of memories to share as a family and can all comment on the T.V in a Goggle Box-style fashion. Whatever your budget; there are things you can do that will ensure you love your living area and want to be in there, even after the decorations have come down in the new year (sob). The following are some ideas and inspiration for those who want to make their lounge the heart of the home before it’s time to go and get their Christmas tree, display their gifts, and deck the halls!

A Space For All

If you’re able; it’s always worth investing in a sofa that will fit the whole family, and has room for you to pop your feet up and take a nap. You can check out a range of sofas and lounges in different sizes on sites like Think fabric lounges and think about what would suit your room without overwhelming the space. You could separate areas in your living room with the use of a separate sofa and soft chairs so that there’ll be somewhere to watch T.V and an area where someone can chill out and read or scroll through their tablet or phone.

Stock Up On Soft Stuff

Once you’ve got the crucial seating sorted out; you can focus on filling them with all the decorative and cosy accessories that will ensure you have a haven from the cold weather. Throws, cushions, and blankets are a great way to add a pop of colour and print which are less committal than wallpaper and paint and will give you things to wrap up in and sink into when Home Alone is on.

Set The Mood

Stark, cold lighting in the centre of the ceiling isn’t going to make anyone feel warm and cosy. Therefore, floor lamps and dimmer switches are the perfect way to warm up your living room and ensure that you can still see your cup of tea. Light some scented candles when you put your slippers on and enjoy some festive aromas and the flickering on your walls in the evening. 

Little touches can make a big difference, and they’ll be an excellent way to instantly make your lounge into the cosiest room of the house.

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