Nando's Spicy Prawns & Rice recipe

There are few meals that can both fill your family and make everyone happy but with my Nando's Spicy Prawns and Rice I think I've done just that. And the best bit? It takes about 10 minutes!

What you'll need:

2 packs of cooked & peeled king prawns (usually about 250g)
2 packs of quick cook rice (think Uncle Bens microwavable rice)
1 pack of Nando's Peri-Peri Medium Rub (you can choose whichever you prefer, if you'd like a spicier meal choose the Hot, if you'd like it more mild go for the mild or lemon & lime)
1 tbsp olive oil

What to do:

In a frying pan heat the oil then add the prawns to the pan. Warm through.
Once warm sprinkle half the pack of Nando's rub onto the prawns and stir, coating all the prawns.

While the prawns are cooking heat up your rice.

Once the Nando's rub has dried slightly add the remainder of the pack and stir again.

Your rice should take a couple of minutes to cook and once it's ready tip it into the pan with the prawns and stir, coating the rice in the rub too.


You can enjoy this meal on its own or with a side salad.

It will serve four people. When I cook it it feeds me, the Hubby and our boys. Sometimes we'll couple it with warmed tortillas or a heated baguette.

You can download a recipe card for this recipe as a welcome gift: