Trying out Highfields Park Adventure Golf

During the school holidays it's important to find activities for my boys, it can be difficult to keep them occupied at home for six whole weeks. A few weeks ago we decided to spend a morning at Highfields Park Adventure Golf - a new adventure golf that has appeared in Nottingham.

We do enjoy a good adventure golf and have visited Lost Adventure Golf and the adventure golf at Alton Towers. It's a fun way to spend an hour or so and being able to visit one in Nottingham is great. Luckily we chose quite a sunny morning to go and the sun shone down on us the whole time we played.

boy plays adventure golf
BP watches his dad

As usual the Hubby started so he could gauge how difficult it would be for LP, but this one seemed quite easy. 

At 8 and 13 my boys like adventure golf because they get outdoors (great for LP) but it's not too much effort (great for BP). The best of both worlds, apparently.

Little boy hits golf ball towards 3 large pillars on the green.
LP is excited that he gets his ball around the wall!

You can play either 9 or 18 holes, we chose 18 and it was right for us. Each hole has a Nottingham theme and it was fun watching my boys trying to get holes in one. At Highfields Park there are more bumps and mounds, more than we're used to, but the boys found it more fun. They enjoyed trying out different strength hits in order to putt the ball. 

Hitting a golf ball over a small mound in adventure golf.
Okay, you do it like this...

Little boy tries to hit golf ball over mound in adventure golf
Got it Dad.

Little boy hits golf ball between two walls
I'm a pro now!

Teen attempts to hit golf ball between two walls, getting hole in one.

The course was fun, it seemed a lot harder than some courses we've played. LP had a couple of holes where he took 6 shots, and so did I come to think of it! Some of the obstacles were more fun than others, the boys particularly enjoyed the cricket themed hole.

Cricket themed hole at Highfields Park Adventure Golf
Oh cool - cricket-golf

lots of mounds on Highfields Park Adventure Golf hole.

Little boy hits golf ball into a tunnel on Highfields Park Adventure Golf

At the last hole LP managed to hit the ball too hard and almost lost it as it flew across the course and out into the car park. Luckily someone was in the area to help us retrieve the ball.

Man in the middle of a golf swing
If I hit it hard enough it could hit Nottingham Castle right?

Little ball hitting golf ball into the air on Highfields Park Adventure Golf
Dad, look! I can do it too!

A deer sculpted into wood at Highfields Park Adventure Golf

Flowers make up the obstacles in this hole at Highfields Park Adventure Golf

Overall it was a good morning and the boys have asked to go back.

After playing golf we let the boys play on the playground nearby. LP did a little climbing, swinging, and running. He burned off the extra energy and we spent the afternoon resting. 

A good day.