Weight, health issues, and what I'm doing about it

If you've read my blog recently you'll know I was recently diagnosed with cervical cancer. While it was a shock I'm lucky that the doctors believe they already cut it out when I had a LLETZ procedure. I'm currently in recovery after a second procedure which means I can't exercise, and given that my weight hasn't gone down for a long time that's not great. My weight has always been an issue and it goes up and down all the time, only this time it's stopped going down. 

Over the last few months I've lost and gained the same few pounds and it doesn't feel good. I feel like I'm letting myself down, I'm not trying enough. I know that I need to reduce my portion sizes to begin with, I've done it before so I know I can do it. But when it comes to dishing up dinner I always end up with more food than I intended. It's like the fat me takes over and thinks "ooh food!" and piles it on my plate. It's not good and I need to do something about it. 

  • Every new day is another chance to change your life

This week I have bought some fruit to try and tempt myself away from the sweet stuff, if I replace the artificial sweet with the naturally sweet that's gotta help right? I have apples and clementines for snacks and after meal treats and I'm hoping that works. This morning I even decided that I didn't want to finish my breakfast cereal because it was too sweet. I secretly hope that I'm going off sugar and there will be a miraculous switch in my food preferences, but of course I don't really think that will happen. 

What I have been doing is trying to have healthy food swaps, much like the NHS website suggests. I have wholemeal bread instead of white, I have semi-skimmed milk instead of whole milk. I have always cooked my meat under the grill instead of the frying pan but there has been a trend towards the frying pan of late and I need to switch back. My food choices are the problem at the moment though, I would much prefer to have a plate full of lasagne and garlic bread than a healthy turkey bolognese with no bread, and the boys are the same too. But I need to change things, I'm the one in control of the food in the house so I should just cook healthy meals.

  • Dear Stomach, 
  • you're bored not hungry, 
  • so shut up!

I have plenty of healthy meal recipes and they're not even that difficult to make so I don't know why I've been avoiding them. Part of the reason is that I'm getting more and more lazy, I admit it. Not being able to do exercise for a few weeks is not helping with my motivation. I can't exercise so I'm not energised to do anything. In the last couple of months that's happened twice and again I'm unable to exercise. A slight change in my attitude lately though is that I do want to exercise. Once I am able to exercise again I plan to get up at 6am every day and do a half hour of walking, even if that's on the treadmill. At least it's something and it'll help with my motivation. 

The other reason to be more active is health, being obese is not great for your health. I move less so I gain weight, which means I feel worse and eat because I feel bad. It's a vicious circle. Being overweight also has serious health implications and with everything that's been going on inside my body lately I'm more aware that I need to be healthy. As with anything I think planning is key.

I've been reading up on weight loss and the NHS website has some great tips; 12 simple tips to help you lose weight. I'm definitely going to be implementing some of these. They also have some great recipes for you to try too.

So this is me, again, writing my intention to do something about my weight. Whether I gain or lose weight I'm going to start keeping a diary and track the exercise and food that I'm eating, perhaps that'll help me too.

How do you stay healthy?