Taking the annoyances out of online shopping with Octer

Being a busy mum I don't often (okay almost never) get a day out to go shopping. I used to love shopping, especially with my bestie, carrying bags around town as I almost ran into another shop to make another purchase. Online shopping is different, the excitement of leaving a shop with a bag full of goodies isn't there, going to different websites to find what you're looking for feels more like a chore. But I have recently found a website that takes the annoyances out of online shopping, and it's called Octer.

About Octer

Octer is an online shopping website that consolidates listed items from lots of retailers and hosts them in one place for you to browse. You can spend hours browsing and when you've decided on a purchase you simply click on the item and you'll be taken to the retailer's website. You cannot buy directly from Octer.

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Sophie Kinsella, Confessions of a Shopaholic

Why is Octer better than other sites?

The biggest benefit of Octer is that you don't have to have tabs open in your browser with all the retailers' websites and search through pages and pages of things you don't like before you find the thing you do. Octer allows you to scroll and will refresh as you do so, the list of items is almost never ending. 

I spent the best part of one day scrolling through the listings, I couldn't decide on what I liked most. I narrowed it down (eventually) to a pair of black shoe boots from House of Fraser that were on sale for £38.50 and a black maxi dress from Asos for £20. I was thinking I could pair the dress with a white shirt while it's still cold and as the weather improves I'll pair it with a white t-shirt instead. Perhaps in the summer I won't need to pair anything with it.

I've wanted shoe boots for ages and finally managed to find some that I liked and that were comfortable too. I'll wear these with jeans, skirts, even dresses weather permitting!

When using Octer you can narrow your searches by price and I think that works very well. If you have a budget but are looking for something in particular it's really helpful to see everything in one place. It's easier to compare them when you can see them side by side.

Would I use Octer again?

Yes. Whenever I'm looking for something and don't know where to get it from I'll use Octer to help me find it. It was a helpful website and it's not another site you need to be worried about having your credit cards details because they don't sell anything.

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When I first looked at Octer I wasn't sure what the point was, I mean if I want to buy something I know all the places to look for it. I didn't get what it was for. Then I used it and found it made the online shopping experience more pleasant. I scrolled for hours and once I'd found what I liked I simply bought it from the site it was on. Easy.

How do you do your online shopping?

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