My fantasy loft conversion

When I'm feeling low or ideas just aren't coming for new blog posts I step into the world of fantasy. I pretend that money is no object and I plan a room make-over. One of my fantasy room make-overs is for our loft, it always seems like there's so much wasted space up there. To lift my spirits and in an attempt to reignite my creativity here is what I would do in my fantasy loft conversion.

Collect things you love, that are authentic to you, and your house becomes your story.

Erin Flett

First of all it wouldn't be a bedroom, it would be a games room. Games of all types. 


When I was a little girl I used to love the arcade machines, Pac-man in particular. I remember a holiday to Corfu when I was 11 years old and there was a Ms Pac-man machine right outside our villa. I spent the whole holiday trying to get my initials on that machine, it was awesome. 

I also remember seeing Donkey Kong in an arcade at some point, it may have been in Mablethorpe when I was about 5 or 6 years old. I never got to play that one but always wanted to. 

When I think of Space Invaders I remember having the Atari console and playing it constantly. I got hooked on it pretty quickly and me and my sister had competitions.

I know it would be difficult to actually get them up into the loft but given this is a fantasy I'm not focusing on that right now. I'd love to have Pac-man, Donkey Kong, and Space Invaders arcade machines, they'd sit in a row along a wall joining the two we already have.

The Hubby bought a couple of arcade machines about 12 years ago, Gauntlet and R-type, and the boys and the Hubby love playing. If we had a loft conversion they would go in the loft (somehow!) with the other new ones. 


My boys love their console games and as they get older I know I need to expect more of that. In order to accommodate them and still have use of my lounge when I want I'd need an area for the consoles. 

Comfortable seats, probably recliners. Sitting comfortably when playing console games makes the experience even better. Being able to relax in a comfortable chair, perhaps with a drinks holder and fridge included too, now that would be perfect.

A unit of some kind to keep the consoles and controllers neat and tidy is a must. The last thing I want is wires trailing all over my fantastic loft conversion.

Headphones are a must here, I may like games and I don't mind the boys playing but the noise that comes from them is unbearable at times. Headphones keep the noise where it should be, in my boys' ears.

Most importantly the boys will need a great screen to play those awesome games on. A huge TV, 4k perhaps, would be brilliant. They could get engrossed in their games and marvel at the quality of the picture (yes, because teenagers do that all the time!).


LP loves playing pool, we have a very small pool table downstairs at the moment. I bought it from Argos years ago and it's never had so much use since LP started playing. He would love us to have a full-size pool table but we don't have the room for it. If we had our loft conversion it would totally fit and would make his day. So of course I'd have to have one!

Add to the pool table somewhere for us to play our board games. We love playing board games together and our collection keeps growing. We currently play on the dining table, but having somewhere just for the games would be great.

Never, ever underestimate the importance of having fun.

Randy Pausch


And of course no games room would be complete without a great movie experience. Big screen, projector, comfortable seats. 

Think big screen (like at the cinema), reclining seats, and somewhere to keep your goodies. The boys would love it, and they could invite friends over to enjoy it too. Perfect.

It would cost an absolute fortune to get everything I'd want but when money is no object it is so fun to dream.

What would you put in your fantasy room make-over?