Why you should see a Pantomime during the Christmas break

Last year, just before the boys went back to school, we saw the Relaxed Performance of the Aladdin Pantomime. The boys enjoyed it so much that when we received a reminder about this year's panto I had to buy tickets. Having visited Theatre Royal Nottingham to see Jack and the Beanstalk I'm going to tell you why you should see a pantomime during the Christmas break.
jack and the beanstalk panto nottingham

Revisiting childhood memories

You get to see people you thought had disappeared from the entertainment industry, like the Chuckle Brothers. Remember them?

  • "To me, to you."

The Chuckle Brothers starred in Jack and the Beanstalk in Nottingham this year and they were definitely the highlight of the show. Not only did they have me laughing so much I cried but they entertained the boys too. They didn't look any older than they did 30 years ago, although that may just be because they're no older than me than they were then!

chuckle brothers in panto

With their brotherly jokes, innuendo, and general messing about they were a brilliant addition to Jack and the Beanstalk.

One of The Chuckle Brothers' routines reminded us of our holiday to Florida in 2015 when we saw a show called the Hoop De Doo Musical Revue. After seeing the Chuckle Brothers recreate the routine we came home to watch the home video we captured of the show in Florida.

And of course we had to show the boys the original show, Chucklevision.

Learning about your children

During the show Dame Trot, played by Tony Maudsley, sang a particularly funny song in which she said she was a "girl with a little bit extra". Obviously the Hubby and I laughed along as we knew exactly what she was saying, but I thought it would go over the boys' head. In fact it didn't. 

  • "It didn't?! It did!"

Well, that's not exactly the truth. BP had no idea the Dame Trott was being played by a man (!) and so didn't get what the song was about, however LP (who is just 7 years old) totally got what she was singing about. During the song he prodded his dad and whispered to him saying "I know what they're singing about Dad." and pointed between his legs. 

dame trot jack and the beanstalk nottingham

It had us (The Hubby and me) in stitches and we couldn't believe that our 7 year old knew exactly what was going on and our 12 year old had no idea. It just goes to show you can't presume.

Talented singers

I don't usually rate singers in pantomime, they're not necessarily required to be excellent singers. Sometimes though you're completely surprised by their talent. 

  • "Oh dear, oh dear!"

During Jack and the Beanstalk I heard the introduction to one of my favourite Bond themes "You Know My Name". My first thought was "Oh no, he's going to ruin that song" but it turned out the singer was good. The bad guy, Fleshcreep, played by Daniel Boys, did a brilliant job and I was blown away when he was able to keep the note while being lifted into the air and lying on his back. I was pleased to come away still loving the Bond theme and having enjoyed hearing it sung live.

A family night

A pantomime is a great way to enjoy a family night out. The entertainment is meant for both children and adults and with the innuendo and jokes that may (or may not!) go over the children's heads you're sure to have a good night. 

The children will love seeing the costumes and enjoy how they create the magical world on stage. They'll exit the theatre having enjoyed a show, laughed a lot, and they'll want to see another pantomime as soon as possible!

  • I'm really passionate about pantomime because it is often the first introduction for a child to theatre, and if that child has a great experience at a pantomime they will continue to come year after year.

John Barrowman

My boys enjoyed Jack and the Beanstalk so much that they wanted me to book tickets for next year's pantomime as soon as we left the theatre.

Next year's pantomime at the Theatre Royal Nottingham is Beauty and the Beast, showing from 9th December 2017 - 14th January 2018, and tickets are on sale right now. If you like good seats when visiting the theatre I'd recommend buying tickets early. I bought ours a few days ago and we're right at the front of the stalls on the night. I know my boys will love that.

Do you see a pantomime during the Christmas break?

We bought our own tickets for both Jack and the Beanstalk and Beauty and the Beast. I have not received payment for this post, I just enjoy the pantomimes.