How to spend a night in with your hubby #AD

With two boys at home and a limited supply of babysitters, nights out with the Hubby are in short supply. I'm not complaining, in fact over the years we've got rather used to having awesome night's in.

What you'll need:

The perfect movie

You'll want to find a movie that has a big of everything; moving, romantic, and even sad. The most important thing though, is that you watch it together. If you're unsure which movie to choose, why not try Me Before You? It's a movie that will have you reaching for a Kleenex within about 30 minutes of starting.

I headed into London for a special screening of Me Before You recently and loved this movie, it's a romantic comedy that will really pull at your heart strings. Based on the book of the same name by Jojo Moyes Me Before You takes you on a journey and while you might not get the ending you want, you're still left smiling. It's the perfect movie to watch together and will make you want to hang on to your partner tight and never let them go.


Movies such as Me Before You will result in crying, whether it's you or your partner, so be sure you have Kleenex nearby. Crying makes you want to be closer to your partner so he/she can make it all better and as long as you have Kleenex to wipe away the tears (and don't use his/her t-shirt!) you're set. If you choose to watch Me Before You you'll definitely need those tissues, it is a seriously weepy movie and I have no doubt you will end up crying, like my friends here:

Kids in bed

To have a great night you need to have the kids in bed and settled so that you can enjoy special time together without interruptions. Spend time beforehand reading bedtime stories, giving them a hot bath with lavender scented bubble bath, or letting them drink hot chocolate, it all helps to settle them. My boys are 7 and 12 years old so once BP goes to bed at 9pm the night is ours - we just have to stay awake long enough to enjoy it!

Somewhere comfy to sit

Whether it's a sofa, a futon, or like the Hubby and I a recliner, you absolutely have to have somewhere comfortable to sit. 

A blanket

What's better than snuggling up with your partner to watch a movie? Snuggling up with your partner beneath a blanket to watch a movie. Find the snuggliest, softest blanket you have in the house and have it with you when you start the movie, if either of you get chilly you can grab the blanket and continue to enjoy the movie.

Your drink of choice

Whatever your drink of choice have it made and ready so you don't need to get up, or pause the movie and be separated.

Combine all these things together and your night in with your hubby will be fantastic.


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