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Well this week has been busy again, I went to the salon on Monday, the opticians with LP on Monday evening, and the opticians for me and BP on Tuesday evening. It was good news for LP, he doesn't need glasses (yay!) and while BP needs new glasses the change isn't too bad. As for me, well that's a whole thing.

I've known for a long time that I'd have eye issues and that's part of the reason I had laser eye surgery for my wedding. I had hoped that having the surgery would mean I wouldn't need glasses ever again but a few years after the surgery my eyes got worse again and I couldn't go through the surgery again.

Every time I visit the opticians I know I'll be getting new glasses, but this time I had extra information. Because of the surgery I struggle with dry eyes, and night driving is difficult too, but at my appointment I learned that the optician has noticed how dry my eyes are and told me I may end up having to use drops. Another thing to add to the cost of my glasses!

I'll be getting my new glasses on Tuesday and I'll be able to see better again. Yay.

As for other stuff I feel like I'm still on catch up, this is usually the point I let it all get on top of me and stress out. I won't do that this time, I'm just working hard and know I'll get there eventually - probably around half-term, just in time to get a week behind again.

The London trip went well, I managed to get into London without any trouble and found my way too. It was great taking that chance and if I need to do it in the future I'll have nothing to worry about. Getting out of your comfort zone really does do you good!

How has your week been?

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