Post Comment Love 2nd - 4th September

Welcome to the last Post Comment Love of the summer! How has it been for you? Are you ready for the kids going back to school?

That’s it people, summer is almost at an end. In 3 days the boys will be back at school, I’ll be back into a routine, and the house will be quiet during the day.

This year I have mixed feelings about the end of summer, I’ve enjoyed our time with the boys and spending time together as a family was priceless. But for at least a week now I’ve been looking forward to the boys being back at school. Their bickering is more annoying, they have less patience with each other, and I have less patience with them. Six weeks is a long time and it’s been rather tiring planning days out and arranging time for work too. We’re all ready for a change.

I’m definitely looking forward to some peace and quiet. Driving home after school drop off, making a hot coffee and being able to drink that coffee while listening to the news uninterrupted sounds dreamy right now. 

Planning our weekly meals and knowing we’ll be home to eat them is something else I’m looking forward to. I’ve done a lot of eating over these holidays and have gained far too much weight. My stomach has been complaining for a while and I’ll be happy to get back to healthy eating again. I may not get back down to 10 stones but if I can lose some I’ll be happy.

Even though we didn’t go on holiday this year the summer has been great. The boys have enjoyed trips to historical buildings, exploring and trekking through woodland, and watching orang-utans swing and play at Chester Zoo. We’ve had time at home watching movies and playing board games. BP celebrated his 12th birthday and the boys have had time at home to play their iPad and Xbox games. 

I have taken hundreds of photos during the summer capturing memories from the times they enjoyed themselves and some from the times they threw tantrums. Choosing just one photo that represents our whole summer could prove difficult. But that’s what I’m going to do.

Summer Collage

That brings me to Steph’s and my idea for this week. Instead of Blogger Showcase we’re asking you guys to send us your favourite photo from the summer. It could be you and your family enjoying a day out, at a restaurant, or even enjoying some time at home together. Send your photo, your name and your blog URL to and Stephanie and I will put together a Summer Collage and share it with you all next week. We’ll link back to everyone who sends us a photo. 

Blogger Showcase

We’re still looking for wonderful bloggers to feature in our Blogger Showcase which will be starting the week after we’ve shared our Summer Collage. If you’re interested in being featured get in touch with us via the post comment love email above or give us a shout on Twitter. Anyone is welcome and we’d love to showcase each and every one of you!


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Thank you for popping by.

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