Enjoy cocktails in the sun with Soho Juice

Taking advantage of the summer sun (when it shows up!) can be spending an afternoon in the garden or inviting friends over for an impromptu barbecue. Whichever way you choose to enjoy summer why not try out some cocktails while you're at it?

Soho Juice is a new cucumber based fruit juice with a fresh minty taste that reminds me of Mojitos. When mixed with the right ingredients you can have one tasty cocktail. 

I used to love cocktails, especially on a night out, from the Woo Woo to the Long Island Iced Tea. As I've got older I drink less cocktails, mainly because I don't have all the ingredients at home, but when the sun makes a rare appearance my mind instantly makes me think of cocktails by the pool.

So when the sun made an appearance recently that's just what I did; I headed to Tesco, bought a few essentials and decided to have a night of drinking cocktails. Along with my Soho Juice I had gin, tequila, and vermouth to try out a few of their suggested cocktails. 

In their cocktail book they list a few to try out but my favourite has to be The White Rum Soho, it was not only simple to make but it tasted so good. 


50ml White Rum
25ml Lemon Juice
40ml Soho Juice
10ml Gomme

Poured over crushed ice in our short glasses this drink was luscious. As I said it reminded me of Mojitos, but it had a hint of lemon. The Hubby and I sat by the pool in the dark and drank our White Rum Soho and chatted about the lovely day we'd had. It was a perfect British evening and we were sad to have to go indoors when it got a little chilly.

One White Rum Soho over crushed ice, and one over cubed ice - they were both lovely!

In the cocktail book there are more to try like The Cobbler which has Tequila and Peach liquor as well as the Soho Juice or the classic Margarita with Tequila and Soho Juice. I can't wait to try them out too!

To try out Soho Juice you're going to have to head to a few bars in Liverpool, including The Botanical Gardens, The Pen Factory, and Cedar Rooms. I'd love to hear which cocktail you tried if you do!

I was sent Soho Juice to try free of charge for this post. All opinions are my own.